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We could print the news about Albin every day, and you still wouldn’t get the true sense of the community. Communities are built on the idiosyncrasies of the people living there. Even if we tell you about a young boy turning another year older, you don’t appreciate the love for him until you see folks hug him and laugh at his precious little ways that are missed when he is away with his mother. We can write about an elderly couples anniversary, but you cannot see in the print their lawn filled with three generations of people all here because of them. You may read about a young person struggling to overcome an accident or disease, but you cannot understand inspiration until you see how they affect everyone who has the opportunity to spend time with them.

And we can print paragraphs about how much fun Saturday was in Albin but you didn’t hear Rhonda Morrison honor our country with her voice, slide into home to win the softball tournament or watch the fireworks light up the water tower at dusk. There are a lot of things you can learn by reading, but you can only live by being there.

It was a great day that started with a cool sprinkle. The children’s parade had 16 entries, led by Princess Demmie Kriz. The color guard from the Pine Bluffs Auxiliary led the grand parade. Chuck and Pat Palm were treated to a grand marshal ride in a classic truck while Don Jacobsen introduced the 25 floats.

Just under 100 people shared breakfast served by the Burns FFA group. Over 130 were at lunch and close to 250 checked in at the Albin museum. The craft fair had 17 vendors and many items to chose from. Bingo was a lot of fun this year, just like everything else.

Green must be the winning color for softball since the second year in a row the green team led by Kelley Kriz won the honors.

Brandon Grimes and his father Robert took home the horseshoe trophy. And winning the raffles were Maddox Sorensen for $25, Ed Berrryman for $50, Burns Insurance for $75, Jacob Sorensen for $100 and Greg Orenals won $125. If you need a loan, it might be a good idea to hit up Jacob and his son. Or have them buy your next lottery ticket.

The day slowed down a bit with french dip sandwiches catered by Fred and his wife. Diners enjoyed Dean Anderson and John and Rhonda Morrison musical entertainment. The Children at Play band, also known as Ron and Julie Rabou’s children, entertained for the talent show. Wrapping up a fabulous day was the fireworks at the ball field and dance. The fire department is dependent on donations to put on the show. So, next time you see a boot out or you run into a fireman, give them a little something for next year. They can’t light the sky unless you give.

Cody and Jeanette Nusbaum are big on loving Albin. They do so much for our community, personally and with their business. And Cody can really spin the tunes. He put the dance in dancing. A big shout out to them.

Festivities can’t last forever. At the next town council meeting tonight, Thursday, July 13, they will decide what to do about the town maintenance position. As you may have noticed, our new hire for the job never showed up. So,back to the drawing board.

Birthdays for this week are Ramona Willert and Patricia Chavez who celebrated Sunday. Crystal Rooney gets a cake one day before her husband, Wic, on July 13 and 14. Janet Johnson blows out her candles July 15. Our favorite ghost writer and husband, Jillian and Kelley Kriz celebrate another year of kisses and giggles together July 15. Tim Malm, our very own Hometown Hero, begins another year July 16. Joni Jacobsen makes wishes for a new year July 19. And if all those wonderful folks celebrating wasn’t enough, Wyoming turned 110 July 10. Happy birthday to our favorite state.


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