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PRLM 49th Reunion


August 24, 2017

Courtesy of the Palms

Ruth Palm and George Karstrum on their wedding day, November 25, 1914

The following lead story is taken, with permission, from the book, "My footprints on the Sands of Time," which is the memoirs of C. George Karlstrum. Karlstrum, along with his wife, Ruth, operated the Carlstrum's Dry Goods store on the northeast corner of Second and Main Streets in Pine Bluffs until 1957. Karlstrum's memoir was edited by his grandson, Doug Gibson, who has graciously allowed the Post to run the following story from them.

The PRLM held its 49th reunion at City Park in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on Sunday, July 31, 1977 at 1:00 p.m.

It was a perfect summer day for a picnic with temperatures in the low 70s and none was heard complaining of it being too hot. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Anderson secured the picnic spot and tables in the southeast corner of the park. Rudeen Malm gave the opening prayer and all partook of the abundant food.

After dinner, President Milton Lundberg called the business meeting to order. The roll of families was called. Fifty-eight members were present representing 26 families out of 134. Three visitors, Dan Lancaster, Lynell Michelson of St. Paul, Minn, and Mrs. Grace Saxton of Canada were also present.

The minutes of the 48th reunion were read by Mrs. Milton Gibson for Secretary George Karlstrum. The minutes were approved with the correction of the addition of the names of Mr. and Mrs. Don Case to the 50th reunion planning committee.

Roy Lundberg stated that he had a letter from a relative in Sweden and anyone reading the Swedish language could read it. Ruby Lundberg took it to Hilda Malm to read.

Election of officers for 1978 was held with nomination being made that President Milton Lundberg, Vice-president Donald Anderson retain their officers for another year. Motion [was] seconded and carried.

Pat Palm and Beverly Case were nominated for secretary-treasurer as George Karlstrum was 89 years old June 7 and had the office since 1945. There were no other nominations.

Pat Palm stated that she thought Beverly Case should be the secretary-treasurer this year since she is a member of the 50th reunion planning committee. The nominees were asked to close their eyes and a vote was taken with Beverly Case receiving the most votes.

Mrs. Bill McIlvain reported on the exciting plans for the 50th reunion to be held July 30, 1978. Each family present received a copy of the basic plans with Ila reading them and asking for ideas and volunteers. The Pine Bluffs elementary Multi-Purpose Room has been reserved for the morning and afternoon program with the picnic in the park. Registration will be at 10 a.m. and a family worship at 11 a.m. There will be name tags with each family having a different color.

In order to send out the necessary letters of information and reminders, it will be necessary for monetary contributions.

It was moved that every family present contribute $5 today to be added to the treasury fund of $24.57 and the $18 dues collected today.

Wayland Anderson passed the hat and $115 was contributed to the treasury.

George Karlstrum was thanked for the many years of service as secretary-treasurer. The only other secretaries were the late Ethel Palm Land and Ruth Palm Karlstrum in these 49 years.

Mrs. Don Case took the Family Record book and Mrs. Bill McIlvain the minutes book to work on compiling the history book to be edited and sold for approximately $3 at the 50th reunion.

Many of the younger people enjoyed playing volleyball.

Marriages, births and deaths in the past year were read.

Gordon Malm is a patient at Kimball County Hospital and after the business meeting Mr. and Mrs. Ken Malm and Mrs. Hilda Malm went to Kimball to see him.

Howard Malm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Malm won a purse of $4,288 in calf roping in the second go-round at Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, July 30.

President Milton Lundberg adjourned the meeting with a prayer of Thanksgiving.


George Karlstrum



From the Pine Bluffs Post, July 27, 1995, as reported by Mary Anne Shields:

As reunions go, this one will be long remembered by those who attended.

The Palms, Rygren, Lundberg and Malm (PRLM) family reunion was held Saturday and Sunday, June 15-16 in and near Albin. This year marked the 67th year for the reunion and the 99th year for the [Palm] family in the area.

The reunions are held every five years and next year will be the 100th anniversary. They celebrated the occasion this year by constructing a memorial, complete with an inscription stone which commemorates their ancestors who began the tradition.

This year marked the first year that the individual families had their own reunions and then all gathered on Sunday for the main attraction.

The memorial is made of stone which has significance to the family.

Pat Palm, wife of Charles Palm, a descendant from John Palm, said the idea came from scripture.

"Joshua, when he crossed the Jordan River is said to have asked each clan to select a rock from the river bed that would have special significance to them," she said.

The family adopted the idea.

"It was fun to have each family bring a stone from where they are that had some meaning to them."


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