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ATC Plastics


October 5, 2017

Amy Votruba

Dental equipment, shotgun shell holder, handles for ski poles and plastic packaging caps are among the many items made at ATC Plastics.

Need plastics molded? The place to contact is ATC Plastic, a subsidiary company of T.A.G. Enterprise's. ATC makes everything from plastic silverware, plastic drinking glasses, dental products, caps and just about everything you could imagine. It is a family owned and operated manufacturing by Ted and Alicia Gawith. They have two employees James Smith and Bill Gawith. Gawiths also run Ted's Auction Service out of Bushnell, NE.

ATC has five vertical and one horizontal molding machines. Gawith has been in the plastic business since he graduated from high school in the early nineteen sixties. He started out in Kimball, NE latter moving to Denver, CO where he worked for several years before branching out on his own. Gawith has been very fortunate in procuring his machines from other companies that have either upgraded or gone out of business. Although most of the products they produce is over flow request from other companies they have a line of specialty items, included: universal stainer, boat tarp supports, fishing quik tatch tool, universal base plates, shot gun shell dispenser, utility tubs, clips, silverware (that is almost impossible to break) and 8 oz. drinking glasses. The newest product that they are working on is a device that attaches by magnets to your vehicle to hold a rifle. It will be quite convenient while you are out hunting and need to put your gun somewhere while you work on cleaning your game.

Although ATC Plastics is a small, non-computerized, operations it still is a profitable business, one that the Gawith are quite proud of you can hear it in there voices and see it in their faces as they talk about what they have built.


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