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Saluting Women in Business Kim Patterson


October 19, 2017

Penny Merryfield/Pine Bluffs Post

Kimberly Patterson with her "open door" in the Town office.

Diversity, commitment and loyalty are traits successful women have. They are driven as is Pine Bluffs Town treasurer.

Kimberly Patterson started off years and miles ago in a direction headed for success. She started out as a young high school graduate from Hanscomb, Massachusetts.

College brought her to the Air Force ROTC, where she graduated in the top 1% of her class, and was commissioned as an officer in the U S. Air Force after obtaining her college degree in Industrial Engineering.

Her career with the Air Force would take across the United States from the east coast and home to sub zero degrees Minot, North Dakota, Wurtsmith, Michigan, to Beale Air Force in California.

After traveling for the Air Force, Patterson decided to not re-enlist and be a stay at home mom for a year and a half. She discovered she missed working and being involved in a career.

Career moves, and job offers brought her to Wyoming, where she worked for a contractor in charge of base housing. This put her in using knowledge she had for finances, management, and maintenance.

Patterson, being surrounded by the military, but working the private sector, enjoyed the "family style" life of being part of the military. This is "job extra benefit" not found in most private sectors or corporations. She enjoyed the many things she found present with her job in Wyoming and all Wyoming has to offer.

Taking her love for Wyoming slightly deeper, Patterson met her fiance, Jared Zitek, of Pine Bluffs. They took their combined knowledge and turned a "flip" property in Colorado. After their success, they brought their lives back home to Pine Bluffs.

At this time, the Town of Pine Bluffs was looking for a person with experience in working with the military, and other experience Patterson had through her previous positions and education. Being familiar with financing was a plus for her.

"My experience in management, has helped me to be a better treasurer'" stated Patterson. "Understanding projects has been easier with my technical background, as well"

As the treasurer in a small town, Patterson is also the Town Human Resources advisor, as well as grant writing for the town's many projects and needs. Relying on her experience and knowledge, it has been easier for her to advise the the mayor and council on a wide variety of things.

Patterson, enjoys working with the military that comes into Pine Bluffs on a regular basis. She notes that working with a small town, she has experienced the same "family style values" and closeness that she enjoyed for years with the military.

After being asked if she saw growth in her position, and in the Town of Pine Bluffs, Patterson spoke with positive enthusiasm in her voice a most certain, "Absolutely!" We have great plans for the new 318 acres recently purchased and is working on bringing more business to the area.

Patterson plans on staying put. She has a concern with downtown and main street, but knows growth takes time. "I have an open door policy and I invited any and all of our town, to come see me if they have ideas, questions with anything regarding our town" she said.


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