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Christmas with a Cost


November 9, 2017

As I look around and snow is all that I see,

A white Christmas is in front of me,

But my Christmas came with a cost,

People that shiver in the cold frost.

And I realize just how lucky I truly am,

And as that weary soldier begins to stand,

Tears fill my eyes as I close them to pray and give thanks

For the soldier that didn’t make it through the day,

For I owe more than a present to that soldier

As the snowflakes are falling and it gets colder,

Because without him, Christmas, Christmas wouldn’t be.

Because of him, presents are around a bright Christmas tree,

Because of him, I sit here in a house with a furnace ablaze,

As he trudges forward, to fight, to face another cold day,

And his eyes begin to tear up, as he thinks of his wife,

And how he might not be able to kiss his little girl goodnight,

But it’s wiped away, as he looks at the snow that sparkles in the light

He trudges forward, picking up his gun, because it was he who chose that fight,

It was he who sacrificed, gave up more than just a little, or a bit, tonight

So the 16 year old girl that I am, could go to college, could live my life,

So as I open up the presents and a smile crosses my face,

I send up a silent prayer to all of the soldiers that are far away,

And thank them for all that they’ve done for a girl like me,

That so much was given without thought, so that I could be free,

And as I look at the lights on the tree and they shine so radiant, so bright,

I ponder over how many must be missing a husband, a child, a wife,  

I know deep down that I wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for their life,

If it wasn’t for the people who fought and died, the women and men,

And I hope that they come home, safe and soon,

That their every Christmas wish does come true,

And to all of them, my deepest gratitude, I thank you,

Because they fought so my little sister doesn’t have to.

They gave up so much, for you and for me,

So instead of being hurt, or being angry,

Also see the peace, and not only war,

Because out of thorns a rose is born.


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