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November 16, 2017

Patrick Cosner/Pine Bluffs High School

Pine Bluffs Hornets offensive line takes their position to score again

Kyle Thurin #40 PBH TE/LB

"This season I think we all played very well with all of our teamwork, dedication and hardwork. When we were close to losing I just thought to myself that we shouldn't have a problem doing this and that we needed to march down the field and score again. The moment of the season I will remember most was state because that was the game I played as hard as I could. The only thing I would want to change about this season is the speed I learned the plays. I didn't learn them as fast I needed to in the beginning but I think I did a lot better towards the end. I feel that if we keep up the hard work and let the fire burn within us we can keep up the intensity and win state next year."

Brian Steger #19 PBH RB/LB

"I was very pleased with how the season went this year. I believe it was the best one we've had so far. I was really nervous about cutting it so close but I knew we would be able to pull out of it, I had no doubt we would win. My memorable moment this season was playing against Big Horn the first time and then finding out we were playing them at state. We knew what we needed to work on and we knew how hard of a fight it would be. I believe in the first half I could've ran the ball harder but at the second half I bettered my mistakes. To raise our chances for next year I will work harder in the off season and work harder where I feel I can get better."

Haize Fornstrom #10 PBH QB/DB

"TOUCHDOWNS! This season was one of the most fun seasons I've had. I wouldn't have traded my guys for the world. I feel that the team as a whole preformed great when it was close to cutting down to the wire. Everyone knew what their job was and did exactly what they were supposed to do. I would have to say my favorite moments from this year is both of the Bighorn games, and scoring the winning touchdown at state. Another one is when Colby Lamb took the opening kickoff to the house then slipping in the back of the endzone. Next year I will tell the team that they need to stay in the weight room throughout the school year and summer. Tell them how it helped me reach my goals in life and support them through next season."

Isaiah Montanes #22 PBH RB/DB

"It was a dream season, we went undefeated and won back to back state titles. This is the type of season every little kid dreams about and this year it was a reality for my team and I. The team rallied together when down by three with less than 4 min to go. We all did our jobs, thanks to a little premature trash talk done by the Big Horns, saying they were already the state champs. The memory coming to my mind is making this season about the team and everyone doing their part and jobs. We could have had more confidence in ourselves during the close games however we managed to pull through and keep a handle on everything. In order to get state again next year we need to have more confidence and work harder and encourage the younger teammates to be apart of this incredible era of the Hornets Football, the Power House Team."

Korben Martinez #53 PBH OL/LB

"The season went great, I think.We could improve on many things but for the most part we accomplished the job pretty well. We were focused and we got the task at hand done like we needed. The best thing this year was running onto the field after we won state. The best thing we can do for next year is practice and exercise more during off season. Just gettin'er done."

Peter Syvanen #67 PBH OL/DL

"This year was a lot better than last year especially since our record was 11-0. It was amazing to win state back to back and it felt good to make the town proud. During the games that we were cutting it close we used it as motivation to keep playing and move in for the win. State will always be a good memory for me because i think it brought our name out more and it's helping us gain a better reputation for our team and school."

James Merryfield #71 PBH OL/DL

"We gave this season our everything and it paid off well! Even when things got hard we never gave up and we just played as hard as we could. For being my first year with the team I couldn't have been more proud of how well we as a team played. The one game Iremember most was the semi-finals game against Upton-Sundance. It was was a tough battle and they definitely gave us a run for our money but we gave it everything. I wouldn't change anything this season. I think to bring home the state title again we need to do what we did this year and just play and hit harder than our opponents."

Will Grey Head Coach for PBH

"What a great game to be a part of. There were several momentum swings that both teams took advantage of. We are proud of how our kids stayed in control of their emotions when Big Horn score ahead. They knew we were going to score when we got the ball back and we did just that. Big horn has a tremendous program full of great athletes and coaches. Our players are great competitors and play with a great deal of passion for the game of football. I'm going to miss our 6 seniors tremendously. I hope our underclassmen were able to learn about what hard work truly is and how to have great practice habits. This group of kids define what toughness is truly about. We weren't the biggest, fastest, or the strongest players, but they were able to outwork and out though other teams. Winning never gets old and I hope our players understand that and can appreciate the work they put in to reach the top. I thought our crowd was amazing, we are thankful to be apart of such a great community and fanbase."

Colby Lamb #15 PBH WR/DB

"I learned through this season that hard work beats talent any day. Even if you have the talent if you don't have teamwork you won't go anywhere. We didnt get down in inthe gutters when we were getting pretty close in score because we knew we could handle anything. We knew to keep calm ans win the game, which we did. The moment of the season that will always stick with me is when Haize flipped into the endzone for the winning touchdown. I should have worked harder on catching the ball more and having more than one catch. For next year we will be working harder and getting into the weight room more as a team."

Andrew Fornstrom #20 PBH WR/DB

"We all played really well and rallied around our goal and we put our minds to it and no one was going to stop us. The leaders of our team did a great job at keeping everybody calm. Everyone put their trust into each other and our play makers made plays when they needed to. Rallying from 14 points down to half time when up against bighorn and in the second half but then winning in overtime will be a hard time to forget for me. The only thing I would have done different is pushing the younger kids more. I would have tried to get them to work harder at practice and really focus on everything around them because they are going to have to step up big time next year. We will get everyone we can into the weight room this summer and try to get everyone motivated when next season rolls around by staying humble and hungry."


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