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November 16, 2017

Patrick Cosner/Pine Bluffs High School

Pine Bluffs Hornets Head Coach Will Gray.

When a team comes together for a successful win many people forget who is behind the team. Yes, talent and hard work have a lot to do with being successful but what a lot of people don't realize is that there is always an influence, or a coach. Coaches help influence how hard you want to play, how you are to play, and what your goal is. In this case we are talking about football. The Pine Bluffs Hornets have been very blessed with their four coaches. They have managed to keep all of the hornets in a swarm and have helped them reach the goals the team wanted to, the state title 2 years in a row. Between planning the plays all the way to standing up to the referees when they make a questionable call, these 4 men have given all they're free time to this team and making sure they were mentally and physically ready to go out there and play hard to bring home the state championship again. Along with keeping an eye on the hornets Will Grey, Brian Anderson, Nate Hellbaum, and Travis Werner are all teachers as well. While the boys play their hearts out the coaches were flying up and down the field with the hornets while cheering, throwing out instructions along with pointers. Every good team has a great coach or coaches behind it, without one the field would be chaos. So thank you to all of the Pine Bluffs Hornets coaches. Good luck with next year's teams!

Courtesy Jourdaine Cerenil


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