Warming up the animals


November 23, 2017

For the Pine Bluffs Post

Preparing animals for the cold winters with blankets and more.

There are many things people need to get done or situated before winter hits. A lot of people will check their cars, windows in the house the heaters, make sure they have all the firewood ready and even making sure they have their warm flannel sheets ready to go. But people often times forget about the things their animals need.

Just like people animals need food, water, and shelter. Whether you have a dog, cat, pig, goat, horse or even chickens all of them need a place to stay warm. A lot of people forget that animals are not always adapt to the weather outside. Animals need to have a spot where they can stay out of the snow and wind, the also need a place where they can have access to non frozen water.

Yes, animals are more equipped to live outside, however animals such as dogs and cats have been bred as pets, therefore they are not nearly as prepared to live outside as their ancestors were. Dogs and cats should be brought inside or at least have a make shift house outside with something to keep warm. Another good idea would be to leave a bowl of water and food for them but check the water at least twice daily.

Now when you keep your dogs and cats inside when you let them outside there are a few things you can do to help keep them safe. One idea is to keep paw wax by your doors. Paw wax is a moisturizing cream you can buy or even make at home that prevents your pet's paws from getting chapped or producing sores from ice salt.

Now when it comes to your livestock or even just your chickens you still need to make sure you have a shelter for them. Non frozen water is quite essential as well. One suggestion could be to fill a milk jug with salt water and place it in the water tank.

Animals such as chickens need to have a constant temperature in a coop to be able to continue to produce during the winter. Making sure your chickens are in a coop and have a lockable door on it because other animals such as coyotes will be scavenging more during the winter.

As winter crawls around the corner people need to make sure they and their families stay warm this winter including their fur babies. Winter can be harsh on any living thing if not properly prepared. Be safe this winter and make sure to keep our furry friends safe as well.


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