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Buddy Bucks- Helping families in need


December 7, 2017

Student Journalism/For the Pine Bluffs Post

Buddy Bucks

Every year for the past 19 years Pine Bluffs high school has raised money around the holidays to help out the less fortunate. Students compete in a classroom competition during the first minute of school for one week. The objective is to see who can raise the most amount of money in a mad minute dash. This money collected is then pooled together to purchase toys, meals, toiletries, and other items families might be needing.

"The money goes to purchase presents for families in need in our community." Says Ashley Rousseau, student council advisor.

The last couple of years, Burns has joined the effort with Pine Bluffs. They have been in a district wide competition. Last year together they raised almost $7,000. The students involved in Student Council get together one day near Christmas and go to Cheyenne to make the purchases. Over 50 families were helped last year. Student council is advised by the city of Pine Bluffs as well as school nurses and secretaries about which families might need help. $70-$100 is spent per kid. Children aged zero to to 3rd grade receive puzzles and a book. 4th grade and up receive a board game and a book. Every child gets a toy or a gift card and a book regardless of age. Every student also receives stockings with toiletries and other necessities as well as various goodies.

"Giving is an important part of the holiday season. We benefit by ensuring that every student has a wonderful holiday,  we benefit by giving back to people less fortunate than us."  Said Rousseau.


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