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Rabies found in Laramie County


December 7, 2017

This past weekend a family found a odd looking skunk wandering around in their farm yard. The skunk did not seem to be scared of people, when a skunk is seemingly unbothered by human presence in the day it is possible that it is rabid. “If you have been observing an animal and are worried it might be rabid, it is best to call animal control.” stated Dr. William S. Shain. “If you feel comfortable enough shooting the animal yourself, but not in the head, do so and then call you local veterinarian for testing. There shouldn’t be a charge due to it being a concern of public health ” said Dr William S. Shain from the Bluffs Veterinary Clinic.

Any mammal can carry rabies, although the biggest threat to the tri-state area are skunks and bats.

To prevent your beloved animals from contracting the rabies disease, you should get your animals vaccinated. Keep them up to date on all their shots as well.

Another great way to help prevent your pets from being exposed is to keep your animals under close supervision while outside doing their business.

Rabies is easily transferred in a variety of ways. One way it can be transferred to humans is through bodily fluids from an infected animal either through a bite or scratch. If you have abrasions, scratches, or open wounds, then it is best not to touch a dead or alive animals you think might be infected. Even fresh excrement may be contaminated. Animals can contract rabies just as easily as humans. Animals who get in fights or attacked by a wild animal should be taken in to your local veterinarian to be checked over incase of any injury. Another possibility is if your animals find a freshly dead animal and decides to eat it.

If for any reason you fear you may have a rabies problem you should contact local animal control as soon as possible. If you fear your own pet might be infected as well make sure to get seen by your local veterinarian and be sure to keep your pet safe.

Along with the hazard of contracting rabies, there are also symptoms to watch out for. For animals they could have increased and unusual aggression, restlessness, change in their bark or even an increase in vocalization. In more advanced stages they may show have signs of weakness, paralysis and even seizures. Many animals will show different signs of distress, but it would be better to just get ahold of your primary veterinarian as soon as possible.

Rabid animals are a threat to people alone by just existing. With winter coming animals will also try to move into areas that are warm, protected from the elements, and provide food. As winter approaches and temperatures drop be sure that any entrance points for small animals are closed off. If you notice animals inviting themselves into your home, it may be in your best interest to call your local animal control.

Be safe this winter and keep a close eye on your animals and family and make sure to lock up all the small nooks and crannies in your house this winter.


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