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Bowman Cattle - a proven breed


December 14, 2017

Dawnna Merryfield

Kyle Bowman checks on his cattle.

The Bowman Cattle Company has been working hard for the past 25 years to create the perfect bloodlines of cattle for their customers along side their own needs.

Bowman Cattle Company is owned and operated by Lyle Bowman and family. Kyle Bowman, Dave Bowman and Kennon Brown work all around the ranch helping with the ranching and cattle.

Unlike many ranches, the Bowman Cattle Company strives to make durable and proven bulls with a good bloodline. Instead of selling the yearling bulls, this particular ranch prefers to sell them closer to the age of 2 years.

During summer the cattle are free to run along the hills just north of Albin. Lyle Bowman believes that the longer a bull grows, the healthier the bull will be. "Keeping the bulls until two years of age ensures the bulls will be bigger, bolder, and more rugged. We hope that this helps the cattle last longer." stated Lyle Bowman.

Around 350 heifers are artificially inseminated every year. "All of them bred with some of the most proven bulls in the angus industry." said Bowman. But not only is it their own cattle that they do AI transfers, they have also been suppliers to Vision Angus for the past 6 years.

Another interesting fact about the Bowman Cattle ranch is that they believe in challenging their cattle. They believe that the heard should be faced with real life issues, such as food shortages, droughts, and weather conditions.

"We believe registered cattle should face some challenges. Giving a registered cow the best of everything doesn't always create the best cattle for our customers and ourselves. We want our cattle to have the strength to survive droughts and poor quality of feed. If they don't make it than thats fine we will keep the better progeny of our herd and continue to do what we do." mentioned Bowman.

There are many different ways to breed and supply quality cattle to customers, this is just one of the few, and the method preferred by the Bowman Cattle Company.

Dawnna Merryfield

Lyle and Kyle Bowman stop during field check.


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