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January 18, 2018

Dawnna Merryfield

John Wendling unload his certified organic wheat from a belly dump into a train car.

As many may know, or not know, the organic business is a huge business, and is very much sought after for many different uses. Mosher Farms is one of many 100% certified organic farms in Bushnell NE, but not only is he a producer but they are also a 100% organic transporter.

Leonard and son Jacob Mosher are two of the people behind this small town, yet all natural operation. Many organic farmers in the Bushnell area are very fond of L. Mosher and what he does. There is a lot of demand for him in the tri-state area because he is known for his ability to find the best price for anything. Even the poorer quality wheat, he has managed to still get $7.60 a bushel (bushel is equivalent to 60 lbs)

Although there is a lot of work in farming, there is even more work that comes with certified organic farming. This type of work requires quite a bit more paper work than normal. L. Mosher is required to document everything that comes through his operation and the farmers who come to L. Mosher's elevator must document everything as well. This includes date and times the trucks, tractors, trailers, and other operation equipment were cleaned.

Another important item that needs to be documented is the GPS location where the crop was grown, delivered, and stored. All of this helps locate where and when a product may have been contaminated if that is the case. For some one to become certified organic it takes up to 3 years to become completely certified.

After being certified producers and transporters are subject to random inspections and yearly inspections.

Mosher Farms may be a local trans-load company located in small town Nebraska but they have a huge customer base and have a huge impact in the organic world.

Some of the product grown in this area is shipped as far as Canada and as close as Yellowstone National Park. Even millet grown in Albin, WY area is shipped overseas and made into gluten free flour.

Leonard and Jacob play a huge role in the local organic community. "All of us would be hurting if it wasn't for Leonard" said Phil Norberg, a local 100% certified organic producer. "Leonard always finds a market for a product, even if its on the poorer side." added Norberg.

"I always give farmers the opportunity to market their own crop." said L. Mosher "Now a days farming is made up of 60% marketing, anyone can grow an amazing crop, but not everyone can sell it just as well." he added.

Many may ask why grow Certified organic crop if it is so much more difficult. Well the simple truth is the belief behind the health benefits, and the demand is much higher. While conventional wheat has over 60 different chemicals in it, the pricing is significally lower then organic wheat. Certified organic wheat is sold at as low as $7.60+ a bushel depending on protein content, but it also has no chemicals in it at all. Higher protein certified organic wheat can be sold for as much as $16+ per bushel.

Numerous producers shared their fondness for Leonard, but they all mentioned the same thing. He is an outstanding marketer, and really helps out the local organic community by getting the best he can even for even the less exciting crop.

Dawnna Merryfield

Jacob Mosher sits in the cab of a tractor monitoring the unloading of the wheat.


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