It began at the Starting Line!


Kaetlin Paice for the Pine Bluffs Post

Left to right: Detective Mark Fernandez-Cheyenne Police Department, Elizabeth Syvanen-PBHS, Christian Yeley-Ritter, Dante Marin, Laramie Co. Lt.Don Hollingshead, Felix Gregory, Christina Yeley-Ritter, Marlen Juarez

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Special Olympics. Special Olympics is something I hold in very high respect. People with intellectual disabilities of all sorts gathered around the starting line at Cheyenne Central High School. It began with Track and Field Events. After lunch, which was served by volunteers, many of which came from Pine Bluffs High School, East H.S. welcomed us for basketball. Track, Weights, Swimming, and basketball were just a few of the events. Everyone had a chance to win a medal, but it wasn't exactly the only thing on the minds of the participants. It was an entirely different atmosphere. Looking back on previous meets for High School and Junior High sports, I experienced the support given in a school atmosphere. To put it simply, you cheer on your team. While that is something I admire, the support given from the people there amazed me. When fellow classmate Bauner Borgman participated in just one of the events he was in, I glimpsed just how different it was. People at Special Olympics didn't care what team the person was from. It didn't stop them for cheering for everyone in any event that was happening. A lot of people don't understand these people and because of it they look down on them. Maybe if they were to work with them for even just a day, that might change. Amazing people, and amazing friends can be found in the people we might have paid little notice to beforehand. Eye opening couldn't begin to describe it. Maybe mind blowing could!


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