Crash near Burns kills woman


A sudden hailstorm contributed to a crash that left a Virginia woman and two others injured Monday afternoon.

Jacqueline McGraw, 81, was traveling as a passenger in an eastbound Ford Explorer when torrential rain and hail began falling and quickly accumulating on Interstate 80, about three miles west of Burns according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol Fatality Report.

The crash occurred less than a minute after the storm began, according to the report.

Two vehicles in either lane in front of the explorer lost control and began sliding sideway in the roadway. Attempting to avoid a collision, the driver of the Explorer over-corrected, causing the vehicle to begin sliding sideway.

Upon entering the median, the Explorer rolled one time, coming to rest on the driver’s side door.

The nature of the driver’s injuries is unknown as is the type of other vehicles involved in the accident.

A call the Wyoming Highway Patrol Spokesman Kyle McKay was not returned by press time.

Monday’s accident marks the 34th highway fatality in Wyoming. At this point last year, there were 35.


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