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Former Denver cop, ranch hand, joins Pine Bluffs Police Dept.


Cody Quick has had an interesting life so far.

After serving as a machine gunner in the United States Marine Corps, he found himself in downtown Denver working as a police officer.

Then he found himself working as a ranch hand in Chugwater before heading to the Sheridan area.

But he never shook the law enforcement bug.

A few weeks back, Quick took to the streets of Pine Bluffs as the town’s newest police officer where he serves alongside his wife, Amy.

“I was out of law enforcement for little more than a decade,” Quick said. “I was cowboying, shoeing horses. The older I got, the more I missed it.”

After his discharge from the Marines, Quick worked for the Denver Police Department where he was assigned to the downtown area. The stark contrast between working in a major city and working in Pine Bluffs isn’t lost on the new officer.

He said the focus of policing shifts from busting gangs to taking care of the guy next door.

And he’s fine with that.

“In Denver, there’s a lot of heavy crime in high-crime areas where you may not feel like you’re making a big impact,” Quick said, whereas in Pine Bluffs, a couple could be having an argument and Quick could play a role in resolving that. “It never bothered me to write someone a ticket in Denver. When you come to a place like Pine Bluffs and pull someone over on their way home from work…it’s a totally different perspective. There’s a fine line between policing and taking care of people.

“Unless someone is completely out of line, I’m more likely to issue a warning.”

But being in a rural area can have its downsides. When Quick was in Denver and needed help, all he had to do was get on the radio and there would be “15 officers there.”

“Out here, it might be 45 minutes before anyone gets there,” he said. “You have to be really good at using your verbal skills.”

Helping people is what Quick likes most about law enforcement.

The new police officer likes working in a community where he knows the people he’s serving.

“I try to get to know everybody. I try to be friendly,” he said.

Working the nights, that means making it into the gas stations and local watering holes to speak with the locals.

Quick’s wife has been in law enforcement pretty much since they left Denver, working for the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office and later for the Sheridan Police Department.

Today she works for the Pine Bluffs Police Department.

Quick said it gives him an appreciation for being a police officer’s spouse.

“When you do shift work, you’re constantly coming and going. Now that I work this job, there’s two or three days a week where we really don’t see each other,” he said. “You’re not sure your spouse is going to come home at the end of the shift and you worry about it. That’s the reality of law enforcement.”

So far, Quick has enjoyed his time with the Pine Bluffs Police Department.

“I really enjoy the officers out here. (Pine Bluffs Police Chief Justin Trout) is a great guy for a department like this,” Quick said. “Pine Bluffs has done a really good job. They’ve found a lot of seasoned officers who have a lot of experiences in other places who bring that here.”

Though he made it clear his job in law enforcement is to do just that — enforce the law — Quick said he’s more concerned about helping to keep the community safe.

“The measure of a good police force is what you don’t have to do,” he said.

A good shift is one where he doesn’t have to issue a ticket or take someone to jail.

Quick’s goal: Be safe and get along.


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