Georgia Smith A Veteran's Story


Courtesy of Georgia Smith

Navy Yeoman Smith at bootcamp graduation.

Born in 1963, in the state of Utah, Georgia Smith nee Grover experienced lots of travel across the Unitied States until landing in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

Smith moved to California as a child and graduated from Quartz Hill High School in 1981. Upon graduation, she and a girlfriend mulled around the idea of going in the military. After speaking with her dad, TSgt. Willard F. Grover, who retired from the United States Air Force, they were steered to the United States Navy.

After deciding on enlisting in the Navy, Smith and her friend, Barbara Wiebe Rickman, tested and waited for their slot to come open. Rickman's slot came open first, and she headed out to boot camp.

After waiting several months, Smith finally got the call that her slot was open and she headed out to Orlando, Florida for boot camp at the Naval Training Center.

Smith completed her boot camp and headed to Mississippi for schooling. She landed at Meridan to attend "A" school. Her schooling would teach her what was required to be a "yeoman" or an officer's secretary.

Her first full duty assignment was at Point Mugu in Southern California. Smith served a short time at Point Mugu Naval Air Station until being transferred to the east coast. "From one coast line to the other is where I went." stated Smith.

Smith would now find herself stationed in Virginia Beach, Virginia at NAS Oceana. "I spent most of my enlistment stationed on the east coast. It was an exciting time in my life being stationed at VF43 NAS Oceana as we were a "Top Gun" and other squadrons would come and fight us!" Smith stated.

From Virginia Beach, Virginia all the way down to NAS Whiting Field, near Penscola, Florida Smith would find herself transferred again, but still on the east coast. "So much for seeing the world!" Smith said, "most of my service was on the east coast!"

Smith spent her four years on land, and in the continental United States. After her four years of enlistment were up, she served two years in the reserves. A small portion of her two years was in the active reserves, but life situations and travel changed that for her. She finished her two years out being in-active.

Smith has kept her military sharpness with her, and applies many of the skills she learned in her everyday life.

At home here in Pine Bluffs, Smith is employed at the Pine Bluffs Senior Center, and is one of the cooks. One of her part-time passions is also doing hair.

Smith reflected on her time in service, and said, "I would do it all again, exactly the same way. It was a great experience and truthfully, I had a blast!" She went on to add, "It is a great experience in life, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the military!"

Thanks for serving Georgia Smith!

Penny Merryfield

Smith takes out the potatoes from the oven at the Pine Bluffs Senior Center preparing for lunch.


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