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Sandy Vetter and her dog "SE" take awards at United Doberman Club National Show


August 2, 2018

Courtesy Heidi Romsa

'SE', Sandy Vetter's prized doberman poses with her awards earned at the United Doberman Club show.

Sandy Vetter and her Doberman SE, recently returned from Sedalia, Missouri, after competing in the United Doberman Club National Show.

Held at the beautiful and historic State Fair Complex, they were one of many teams competing in the Obedience Trials.

There were three separate trials during the week long show. Team SE came away with three High In Trial awards. Their scores were 193, 192 ' and 194 . A perfect score is 200.

It was a ''bucket list" goal for Vetter to be able to compete at a National level. She went out there hoping to do well in one trial and SE exceeded her expectations with her willingness to work. Vetter has been training obedience for over three years and Schutzhund (Protection) for over a year with SE.

Besides attaining her D-CD in only three shows, SE also completed her Working Aptitude Evaluation. This is a test determining the working temperament of a Doberman. The dog is judged on reactions to different stimuli and the ability to recover and go on to the next phase. Some of the tasks consisted on greeting a friendly stranger, a neutral stranger, unusual noises, different terrains and a ''boogie man". A dog is to remain indifferent to the stranger, until the stranger poses a threat. Reacting to the threat, alerting to the threat and addressing the threat, the dog should show signs of protection of its owner when addressing the threat situation.

Courtesy Heidi Romsa

Sandy Vetter and SE pose with awards.

SE and Vetter also compete in AKC obedience where SE has attained her Beginner Novice Title, two legs of her Preferred Novice and one leg of her Companion Dog (CD) title. All this has been accomplished in seven shows.

Vetter is the National Certified groomer at Bluffs Veterinarian Clinic in Pines Bluffs. She has been with BVC for twenty one years and has been grooming for fifty years.

She has lived in the Pine Bluffs area since 1980. Vetter has competed with SE in Pueblo, Longmont, Elizabeth and Greeley, Colorado. They are looking forward to competing this August in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Cheyenne Kennel Club's show.

The training with SE and keeping up with her grandchildren are her hobbies.


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