Amazed from a Distance


Courtesy of Joshua Tangeman

No. 10, Andrew Fornstrom passes to Tucker Norman.

This sports season has been inspiring. We have watched these young men with anticipation and excitement. They have not disappointed, and one has stood out. Andrew Fornstrom has led our boys on the field and on the court. His commanding spirit, knowledge of the sport, and teaching attitude has comforted his team. His direction and encouragement have been felt by his fellow players. Those that were trying and learning, he brought along. Those with unbelievable talent, he instructed and improved their skill. He made a team! His presence on the field and on the court, made a difference. His talent was not just the touchdown or creative pass, but the ability to lead and have others longing to follow. Leaders are not born, they are made. Parents, teachers, and coaches mold these kids with their life. Andrew swallowed these lessons and chose to be the one. The one our boys would follow into the game with confidence and admiration. This season may be at an end, but we say to you, Andrew Fornstrom "Your game is just beginning!" Continue building your fellowman, and encouraging those around you, and we will continue to be amazed, even from a distance!

Courtesy of Joshua Tangeman

Coach Tyler Kimzey gives instructions to Andrew Fornstrom to take back out on the court to the team.


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