Student of the Third Quarter


April 11, 2019


Ty Sweeter

There are many distinguishable students at Pine Bluffs Jr./Sr. High School. However, once a quarter one exemplary student is chosen for Student of the Quarter. The school year is quickly winding down and it may seem hard for a lot of students to maintain both their academic and extracurricular activity focus.

One the other hand some students knuckle down and put their nose to the grindstone; such is the case with Student of the 3rd quarter Ty Sweeter. Ty maybe of the quieter type of student be he is easily recognizable being a 6'2'' Freshman that is involved in multiple sports and truly vested in his academics. Ty is active in his community always helping to give back and he enjoys football, basketball and fishing as his hobbies.

So if you happen to see Ty around town or in school please extend a congratulatory hand of appreciation for a student to be excelling in so many avenues, at such a young age! It is because of students like Ty that we have excellent role models here in Pine Bluffs and we only can look forward to what the future holds for this bright young man.


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