Pine Bluffs Lady Hornets take State 2A



Photos by Jim Merryfield

Pine Bluffs Lady Hornets at the Athletic Banquet!

Mens 2A 100 Meters Finals

3. Sr Seth Tangeman 11.40a Pine Bluffs

Mens 2A 200 Meters Finals

2. Sr Seth Tangeman 23.08a Pine Bluffs

Mens 2A 1600 Meters Finals

13. Jr Donte Jacobsen 5:30.86a Pine Bluffs

Mens 2A 3200 Meters Finals

5. Jr Michael Shain 11:29.03a Pine Bluffs

Mens 300m Hurdles 36" 2a Finals

5. Kyle Thurin 44.05a Pine Bluffs

Mens 4x400 Relay 2A Finals

7. Bradley Shmidl, Brian Steger, Kyle Thurin,

Ty Sweeter 3:53.32a Pine Bluffs

Mens 4x800 Relay 2A Finals

7. Ty Sweeter, Michael Shain, Donte Jacobsen, Hunter Jeffres 9:40.95a Pine Bluffs

Mens Shot Put - 12 lb 2A Finals

4. Sr Tucker Norman 44-08.00 Pine Bluffs

5. Sr Hunter Jeffres 44-02.25 Pine Bluffs

Mens Discus 1.6kg 2A Finals

1. Sr Tucker Norman 152-01 SR Pine Bluffs

2. Sr James Merryfield 147-06 Pine Bluffs

Mens Long Jump 2A Finals

4. Sr Seth Tangeman 20-04.25 Pine Bluffs

Triple Jump 2A Finals

9. Fr Reed Thompson 38-08.50PR Pine Bluffs Womens 2A 100 Meters Finals

8. Sr Kendra Sloan 14.04a Pine Bluffs

Womens 2A 200 Meters Finals

6. Fr Kami Tangeman 28.13a Pine Bluffs

Womens 2A 800 Meters Finals

8. Fr Alexis DePaulitte 2:32.94aPR Pine Bluffs

Womens 2A 1600 Meters Finals

9. So Shelby Thurin 6:06.67a Pine Bluffs

Womens 3200 Meters 2a Finals

6. So Shelby Thurin 13.25a Pine Bluffs

Womens 100m Hurdles 33" 2A Finals

2. Jr Maddie Fornstrom 16.65a PR Pine Bluffs

Womens 300m Hurdles 33" 2A Finals

6. Jr Maddie Fornstrom 16.65a PR Pine Bluffs

Womens 4x100 Relay - 2A Finals

1. Kami Tangeman, Jourdaine Cerenil, Jaden Shelit, Kendra Sloan 53.20a Pine Bluffs

Womens 4x400 Relay - 2A Finals

8. Alexis DePaulitte, Shelby Thurin, Maegan Madden, Andrea Reifschneider 4:35.62a Pine


Womens 4x800 Relay - 2A Finals

4. Shelby Thurin, Kenzie Sloan, Maegan Madden, Alexis DePaulitte 11:28.50a Pine Bluffs

SMR 1600m [2-2-4-8] 2A Finals

Maegan Madden, Andrea Reifschneider, Jaden Shelit, Alexis DePaulitte 4:44.79a Pine Bluffs

Womens Shot Put 4kg 2A Finals

2. Hyleigh Fornstrom 37-10.00 PR Pine Bluffs

5. Paige Thompson 35-06.25 Pine Bluffs

9. Monse Serrano 32-11.75 Pine Bluffs

Womens High Jump 2A Finals

2. Jr Jourdaine Cerenil 5-02.00 Pine Bluffs

4. Sr Kammie Ragsdale 4-10.00 Pine Bluffs

14. Jr Hyleigh Fornstrom 4-06.00 Pine Bluffs

16. Jr Kenzie Sloan 4-02.00 Pine Bluffs

Womens Pole Vault 2A Finals

1. Sr Kendra Sloan 10-06.00 PR Pine Bluffs

2. Jr Maddie Fornstrom 10-00.00 Pine Bluffs

6. Fr Jaden Shelit 8-00.00 Pine Bluffs

9. So Ashlee Fjeld 7-06..00 Pine Bluffs

Womens Long Jump 2A Finals

3. Jr Jourdaine Cerenil 15-10.75 Pine Bluffs

5. Sr Kammie Ragsdale 15-06.00 Pine Bluffs

9. Jr Maddie Fornstrom 15-01.00 Pine Bluffs

10. Jr Amber Abrams 15-00.25 Pine Bluffs

Courtesy Photos by Jolie Fay

Seth Tangeman races towards the finish line trying to catch his opponents


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