SafeKids hold safety check for Pine Bluffs


Victoria Smithey/Pine Bluffs Post

Above Kim Parsons runs a safety check on child restraint seats for Cole Lambert.

Victoria Ingerle, Child Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, was on hand during the yard sale on Saturday to help residents check the safety of their car seats.

Ingerle has a passion for child safety. Her ultimate goal is to partner with the local fire department to host at least 2 car seat events per year, one for the fall/winter months, and one for the spring/summer months. Understanding the need for adjustment depending on the bulk of your child's clothing is essential.

The dynamics of a crash are what makes car seat safety so important. If a person is not using the seat correctly his or her child could come out in the event of a crash. During these checks Ingerle is discovering that almost 75 percent of car seats are not being used correctly. Along with that are a staggering amount of people who are buying used or refurbished car seats. Ingerle was adament that this was an enormosly bad idea. "If you buy a used seat from someone you do not know, you are essentially entrusting your child's life to this person." Said Ingerle.

Although turn out was not as high as she hoped, Ingerle will continue to be on hand to stress the importance of car seat safety. When asked about the need for car seats in town while only driving a couple of blocks Ingerle was pretty clear about her opinion. "Even in slower driving you have no control over other drivers. It's imperative that your children be in a safe place!" She said.

Hopefully with some advertising, Ingerle will be able to get the word out on car seat safety. As parents we do everything we can to keep our kids safe, this is just one more tool to help.


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