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Missing horses from Albin Rodeo grounds found in fenced area near Bushnell


August 1, 2019

Courtesy Photo

Above: Jayce Sorenson rides Scarlett,one of his horses while holding on to the lead of Tami, his other horse.

Just prior to Albin Day, Jayce Sorenson and his parents, Becky and Jacob Sorenson corraled their horses at the Albin rodeo grounds in preparation for the upcoming Albin Day Rodeo. Sometime between 9:00 p.m. Monday night July 8, and 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning July 9, the Sorenson's horses vanished from the rodeo grounds.

The Laramie County Sheriff's office, the Kimball County Sheriff's office, were called to report the horses missing. Along with the report, pictures of the horses, Scarlett (with white patch on her face) and Tami were posted on Facebook and around town. Even word was given to all mail carriers to be on the lookout.

Jayce Sorenson, age 13, was heartbroken and insisted on being in the search for his horses. He became ill at the thought of losing his "best friend" and the sum of $10,000 tied up in the horses. Sorenson is active in the rodeo all over the United States, and in his hometown of Greybull, Wyoming.

After an exhausting search in and around the Albin - Burns - Pine Bluffs area, and a few leads from the internet, which turned out to be negative for the horses, Sorenson and his parents decided to search a wider area.

"We contacted Pat Gross of Pine Bluffs, to see if we could hire him to take us up in his airplane for a better search of a wider area." said Becky Sorenson.

While flying over the Bushnell area, they spotted the horses in an electric fenced area and were able to retrieve the horses, much to the delight of one Jayce Sorenson. Tears and smiles of joy were on one happy teen.


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