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Burns Town Council discuss water, water damage, and local ambulance service


October 31, 2019

Hard water and roof leaks were topics of the last Burns Town Council meeting. In a unanimous decision, the council voted to purchase a water softener for the community center in hopes of saving wear and tear on the dishwasher. Town Clerk Toni McNamar reported that there were funds left in the SLIB funding for the community center and Councilwoman Johnstone moved that said funds should be used to purchase the softener. The motion was seconded and carried.

Council was surprised to discover that the East end of the North building was leaking. Mayor Clark had Weather Craft Roofing come to look at the leak to determine if there was a possibility that the roof had not been fixed properly the first time; however, it has been discovered that the part of the roof in question had not been part of the initial bid. Council members would have liked to have phased out the problem so that the bid process could have been avoided; however, Clerk McNamar contends that the project is too small to phase out. Councilman Jeff Appleman moved to bid the project out, and the motion was carried.

Carrie Deselms with the Albin ambulance service was present to discuss the possibility of the Albin Ambulance service moving to a Fire and Rescue rather than an ambulance service. There are not always enough volunteers in such a rural area, and as such Deselms fears that residents are suffering from a risk of the ambulance being unable to respond to calls when there are not enough personnel. The Town of Albin moving to a fire rescue will separate the service from the town, and hopefully make answering calls easier.

Jeff Bartels, Burns Ambulance Director was present along with several other Burns EMS personnel to ask the Town of Burns to help them find ways to improve the ambulance service. The service has taken a bit of a hit since EMS personnel were told that they were no longer allowed to use personal vehicles to arrive at calls. Bartels continues to work on the SOP’s to try to combat the issue; however, at this time the state is not happy with the SOP’s as written at this time. For this last month there were a total of fourteen calls, but ten of those had no response.

Burns Maintenance department has reported that all sprinklers have been blown out and that the department would like to purchase a dump trailer. The Burns Utility Board has agreed to pick up half of the cost of said trailer, and a motion was approved to purchase the trailer at a cost of a little over $9,500.00.

Finally the Elected Officials Dinner will be held on the 13th of November at 6 p.m. and the Town Christmas party was moved to December 6th at 6 p.m. at Sanfords Grub and Pub. The next town council meeting will be on November 12th at 7 p.m. Please come and be heard.


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