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Wyoming's 211 statewide program to visit Pine Bluffs


February 6, 2020

Courtesy of Sabrina Lane

Above: Sabrina Lane, Executive Director of Wyoming 211.

When you're hungry and your kids are cold the last thing you want to do is run all over town trying to find resources that will help. Sabrina Lane with Wyoming 211 is coming to town on March 16, 2020, to help educate our residents on the statewide 211 system, a provider of information and referrals for food, shelter, clothing, mental health resources, and much more.

Wyoming 211 is a call center connected nationwide that offers help and referrals for those who just don't know where to turn. "Unlike many other states, we have access to 100 percent of our population" Lane stated. Wyoming 211 is connected in all twenty-three counties and is available to help whether you are a resident or just traveling through.

Wyoming 211 works to think outside the box to determine what services can be used or are available in each area to give a true representation of where people can go for help. Lane also reiterated that Wyoming 211 collects real time data to help community leaders to determine what type of help is needed in the area. Needs that are evident and necessary in cities like Cheyenne or Casper may not be the same as the needs in areas like Pine Bluffs or Burns. Wyoming 211 works hard to ensure that those differences are met head on.

"We are the only organization that offers this type of service" Lane stated. Since the program began in 2011, they have collected over 2400 services within their database, and the list keeps growing. "When I came onboard in 2018, I was shocked to find out how many people just don't know about the services we offer." Lane remarked. To make sure that everyone in Wyoming knows where to turn for help Lane and the rest of the staff at Wyoming 211 are doing their best to ensure that the word is being spread throughout the state.

Lane will be in town to help educate our own residents about what is offered and how to access those benefits. All residents are encouraged to attend this community outreach at 6 p.m. in the town hall building. All residents are also encouraged to attend the open town council meeting immediately following the training.


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