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Shop with a Hero gives funds to erase school lunch debt


February 20, 2020

Victoria Smithey/Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Pine Bluffs Police Chief Chance Walkama, Laramie Country School District 2 Superintendent, Jon Abrams with check, and Wyoming State Parks Rep. Don Heiduck.

Though there may be no such thing as a free lunch businesses and individuals in our area want to make sure that none of our kids go without. Through many donations the annual Shop With a Hero was able to give each participating child $150.00 to buy gifts with. The money that was left over became a gift to the local school district to help erase student lunch debt.

Local Police Chief Chance Walkama along with Wyoming State Parks Representative Don Heiduck and Deputy Rodney Kemp presented a check for 1000 dollars to alleviate these outstanding debts. LCSD 2 Superintendent Jon Abrams and School Nutrition Specialist Stacy Jenkins were on hand to accept this donation. "I love it when I get to hear the stories and watch them on the news. The other neat thing is we actually do use this for just exactly what you're asking us to use it for" Abrams stated.

According to Jenkins there is typically not an outstanding balance at the end of the school year because of the generosity of local businesses and individuals who want to make sure that any lunch debt is erased. Each student in the district is typically able to start the year with a zero balance, and Walkama, Heiduck, and Kemp want to make sure it stays that way. Although Ranger Heiduck had nothing but praise for the local community. "Your community support out here is tremendous. I probably get more community support out here then we probably do anywhere else in Laramie County" Heiduck said.

Chief Walkama wanted those in attendance to understand just how much of an interagency effort providing these funds was. "State parks, the Pine Bluffs Police Department, the Sheriff's Department, and the Wyoming State Patrol were all participants in our local area in getting these fundings provided for you guys. This was the remainder of our Shop with a Cop. We would like to provide this to the school district to help subsidize some lunches" Walkama stated.

This donation was accepted with a tremendous amount of appreciation and while students may never know where the money came from to help pay for their lunches, they will surely be grateful for the meals that it will provide. Stacy Jenkins was thrilled with the donation. "That is a lot of lunches! That's about what we average a month" she said. Efforts like these make sure that no child goes hungry despite whatever financial struggle parents may be involved in.


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