Dorothy & John Brandt A Sweetheart Veteran Story Part II


February 27, 2020

Courtesy of Dorothy Brandt

Courtesy of Dorothy Brandt Above: Dorothy(Hinson) Brandt, rank T-4 in 1947.

Dorothy Mae Hinson was born May 03, 1927 in Monroe, N.C. to Gaither Winslow Hinson of Monroe, N.C. and Ester Emmalille (Purser) of Union County, N.C. and was one of six children.

She entered the U.S. Army at age of 16. Hinson convinced a neighbor, who was too old to serve, to sign an affidavit stating she was twenty-one years of age. She enlisted the year was 1944.

Hinson would serve until April, 1947. She would continue her friendship with John Brandt after they both were discharged from the military. On July 6, 1947 she would marry John Henry Brandt.

Now known as Brandt, she would be with her valentine for a life time.

Her husband John was born May 26, 1927, and entered the military at the age of 17, with his dad's signature. After serving he was recalled back in for the Korean War in the Navy and retired after 33 years. He had enlisted as a non com E1-E6, and then was commissioned and retired as a Captain 06.

Upon exiting the military, the Brandts would have a most creative life, filled with adventure, new crafts, book writing, quiet fame and a strong love for each other.

Dorothy would become an author of several books. America's Youngest Women Warriors, Rich Memories at Thirty Below, Numerous magazines, one in which is The American Dream, Catoosa Life (Fort Oglethorpe, GA).

She has become a main voice for VUMS (Veterans Underage Military Service).

Today she is still working in Military Museum, creating book for VUMS SCI Patriot Award of the Year, AFS Museum which brought students from USA to Thailand for 3 yrs & Malaya for education. The AFS Museum was created in WWII by American Soldiers then formed an Ambulance Corps, she continues working in the museum and active for all military Veterans. To date she continues working in San Luis Valley Museum as she helped start it many years ago.

John's love of hunting would lead Dorothy to learn a new trade, as well as travel with him all over the globe.

During her many years with husband John, she would become a taxidermist for all of her husband's animals that he would harvest on their many hunting trips over the years.

Dorothy and John would share the field again in book writing as John, too, was the author of many hunting books. His first book was 'Hunters of Man' which was a collection of true stories of man-eaters and man-killers of the wild., "Asian Hunter' and "Horned Giants" followed.

John was the creator of Safari Club International, SCI Record Book for Hunters and was the editor of SCI monthly magazines.

Through the years, there has been one steadfast thing that has stood the test of time - the deep to your very soul, - to the moon and back love between them. "Sharing the Army experience as teenagers made our lives more compatible than most people are fortunate enough to have. Marrying your Army buddy can raise eyebrows at times, but I highly recommend it!' said Dorothy of her lifelong love - John.

Courtesy of Marti Mace

Above: Dorothy and John Brandt


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