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Pine Bluffs Distilling aids in making hand sanittizer


Victoria Smithey/Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Members of the Pine Bluffs Police Dept. assist in the bottling of hand sanitizer.

Pine Bluffs Distilling along with Greeley's Weld Werks Company have partnered up to supply our small corner of the world with much needed hand sanitizer. Chris Baird, sales manager for Weld Werks, met up with local distiller Chad Brown at a brewing convention in Cheyenne. When the Corona pandemic hit Baird contacted Brown with an email suggesting a partnership.

Being a brewing company, Baird didn't have the necessary supplies to be able to make hand sanitizer. Having been in the distilling game for several years, Brown was not only capable, but willing to help out during this time. After receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Brown and Baird got to work making the much needed sanitizer for local hospitals, homeless shelters and other essential businesses that need it for their daily operations.

At this time Pine Bluffs Distilling and Weld Werks are splitting the cost of production along with the product. Half of the finished sanitizer stays here in the local area and the other half goes to help those essential businesses in Greeley. In this time of lessened availability several people have expressed an interest in getting a hold of some of this medical grade stuff. "People have asked to buy it but we just tell them no, it's not for resale, it's just for essential business" stated Brown.

On hand to help with packaging were several visitors and a few local favorites from the police department. With a fast-paced and efficient assembly line, the workers were able to get everything packaged in a little over 45 minutes. The sanitizer is much stronger than what you would be able to buy at the store, and the FDA requires an additional ingredient to make it extremely bitter to discourage people from drinking it.

With the uncertainty of the world today it was good to see two communities come together for the benefit of several areas. As long as we continue to work together, we should come out of this crisis stronger and nicer.


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