Friday night PB Tailgating


Victoria Smithey/Pine Bluffs Post

Above left: Mayra and Curt Longly enjoy the "Pine Bluffs Tail Gate Party" even though weather wasn't the best.

The chilly air in the rain did not keep some residents from attending the tailgate party at the Pine Bluffs Community Center this weekend. Sonja Fornstrom and the Recreation Department opened the Community Center parking lot to allow folks to barbecue and enjoy social distancing company.

Katt Fornstrom was on hand to roll out the music including requests for loved ones and special friends. Several families gathered outside to help take part in the festivities, and a good time was had by all. Most Americans are still holding out hope that we will be able to get back to normal within the next couple of weeks; however, at this time we are still unsure.

While we continue to deal with the uncertainties of the future the Pine Bluffs Recreation Department stays on hand to help us achieve some sense of normality. The Pine Bluffs Post would like to send a thank you out to Sonja Fornstrom and Heather Eggli for continuing to offer options for those of us that would like to get out.


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