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Burns suffers loss to Wheatland


October 8, 2020

On October 2nd the Wheatland football team visited the Burns Broncs for a Friday game. The Wheatland team was just too much for the Bronc’s as they played their way to a 53 to 0 victory over the hard playing Broncs.

The Bronc’s ran the ball 33 times for a total of 54 yards. They did not have any better success in the air as they passed the ball 11 time completing 4 for a total of 34. The Wheatland defense was just to strong for the Burns offence. Wheatland had better success running the ball than the Broncs with 20 attempts and 108 total running yards. They also passed 18 times with 10 completions for a total of 160 yards.

Wheatland scored 8 points in the 1 quarter, 24 points in the second and 21 points in the third. The Broncs shut them down in the fourth quarter.

The Broncs quarterback had 1 completion in the second quarter for 13 yards, 1 completion in the third quarter for 6 yards and 2 completions in the 4th quarter for a total of 15 yards. The Broncs did have 2 fumble recoveries and 2 interceptions against the Wheatland team. Go Broncs.


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