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Keeping it safe for Christmas


December 17, 2020

As Christmas makes its way into our homes we need to be sure to be ready for anything a 2020 Christmas throws our way! It has been a terrible year for many people but that doesn't mean Christmas has to be terrible as well. So let's all practice a safe Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Christmas many people get caught up in the lights, decorations, and candles but some don’t quite understand how dangerous each of those items are.

The main attractions of the season are of course the bright twinkling trees set up in huge bay windows or just in the living spaces of family homes. Trees real or not are equally dangerous and fire hazards. Although tree fires are not common there is still an average of 210 Christmas tree fires nationally every year. 

Always be sure to keep your trees away from any heat sources and keep your trees on a very stable platform. If you decide on a real tree this year make sure you water regularly to keep the tree from drying out quite as fast. If artificial more suits your family then make sure the box indicates the tree is flame resistant.

Now that we know how to keep our trees healthy and safe it's time for light safety. Always check your old lights and wires before decorating. Check for any cracking in the bulbs or wire coating. Always be sure to check light packaging for power output and be sure to never overload power strips. It is also recommended to never connect more than three strings of lights in a row.

When purchasing any electrical items always check for the UL symbol on the box or packaging. UL symbols that are green indicate that the item is for indoor use only. A red UL symbol means indoor or outdoor electrical item. Another great preventative action is to always turn off any lights and decorations when not in use especially when leaving the house or going to sleep.

Another thing not many people may think about are pets. Pets are pretty much like family especially during the holidays but not many people realize all the harmful things that come into the house during the season. Tinsel tends to attract many cats, while this could seem harmless it is devastatingly dangerous. Tinsel has been known to get stuck in intestines and cause serious damage often times resulting in surgery. Most of you know chocolate is extremely dangerous for dogs as well but so is sugar-free candy, the chemical xylitol is poisonous to dogs as well.

Another great moment to take some extra safety precautions is while you're in the kitchen. Be sure to clean all surfaces and utensils to prevent cross-contamination and possible food poisoning.

This subject is not talked about often enough, traveling during Christmas. When driving, especially just in winter alone, make sure you have an emergency winter pack in your car. A blanket, jacket, gloves, hat, even some hand warmers are a few great ideas to keep in your kit. Always make sure to check the weather forecast for whichever means of transportation or location you decide on. Another great recommendation is hiring a house sitter or having neighbors you trust keep an eye on your house. With the current 2020 situations be sure to check with each state and county covid restrictions and regulations.

Make sure to keep your families safe this holiday season. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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