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Curtis shares high hopes for Town of Pine Bluffs


January 7, 2021

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Above: Pine Bluffs Mayor, Alan Curtis speaks during a past meeting,.

As every good mayor should, Alan Curtis, the Mayor of Pine Bluffs, has quite the plans for the little town. Some short term, some long term, and even some wishes for the upcoming year(s).

Some of his more immediate plans include installing a new deep well for the Town of Pine Bluffs. The deep well would be located by highway 30 near the rodeo grounds. A deep well in that location would help provide a better water supply for the town. This would be a long term benefit for the town of Pine Bluffs.

"My wish is that past projects start to have more of a benefit/effect for the upcoming year and even years down the road." stated Curtis.

Another topic he spoke on is the past wells that had been installed, and the water storage projects. He also mentioned all of the businesses in town.

"I'm also excited about the new businesses in town, not to lose sight on the old ones, but the ones we've gotten, just in the past year, Sadie's Cafe providing a nice service to the community. We also have the Dollar General and I think that has really benefited our community. Especially with Covid-19 going on. There is also the new Cobble Stone Inn and Suites." stated Curtis.

Curtis was very excited about the Cobble Stone. It would be a great benefit to residents who may have family from out of town. It could also help attract tourists or people traveling through town. Curtis also stated, "I think it will be a great addition to the town. It is something we just haven't had in the past few years."

Another project the town is currently working on is the new Airplane hanger and terminal at the airport. The plans are to have an AP certified individual to help provide flight training and services is in the works.

"Of course the major goal this year is to get Covid behind us!" Curtis stated. One of the most exciting projects is getting the pool up and running this year. "I'm very anxious to get the pool open for this summer." said Curtis. The focus is to get the pool resurfaced and put all the finishing touches on the public pool so it can be opened by this summer.

A more long term goal for the mayor is to have the train track crossing moved more east to try and free up the unsafe crossing. The plans to move the tracks won't be able to happen until closer to 2023 but it is a must do for Curtis. This would also clear up more space for the north wells project.

"Make sure everyone is safe and do your part we have a great opportunity here in this town to support the local businesses which is very important and get involved with the town. Get more involved with town activities or however you see fit but we have a great little town and we need to make sure that we are still giving that support." concluded the Mayor.


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