Republican or Democrat - What is the real question? Part 15


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Plank 17: “The Wyoming Republican Party believes in the state’s primacy over water, wildlife, minerals and natural resources; supports any actions which assures Wyoming’s primacy over its water; i.e. the doctrine of prior appropriations.”

The Wyoming Republican Party believes that all resources within the borders of Wyoming belong to Wyoming, not to other states or the federal government. As such, Republicans will strive to promote policies and activities that ensure our resources remain under the control of the State of Wyoming.


Plank 18: “The Wyoming Republican Party opposes the unionization of public employees and supports the Right to Work Law.”

Republicans recognize that everyone has a right to work and earn a living according to their abilities and ambition. That right must not be hampered through coercion or control of any outside entity. Unions exert undue influence and control over the workers and Republicans oppose forced membership in a union in order to have a job.


Plank 19: “Our liberty and the continued success of our republican form of federal government demands continuous vigilance by “We the People.””

All citizens of the United States have a right, a responsibility, and a duty to stay informed of the activities of our government and be an active participant in government activities. The United States is unique in the world in that our citizens are permitted, even expected, to participate in the government. That doesn’t mean only those who have been elected to an office, but all citizens. There is no other country in the world that affords its citizens the freedoms codified in our Constitution. Human nature being what it is, the only way to hold our government officials accountable is by continuing diligence and supervision by the people. Republicans believe that the only way we can remain a free nation and keep those freedoms is by becoming, and remaining, an informed and active citizenry.


Plank 20: “Freedom of speech is a fundamental right secured by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Wyoming. Freedom of speech includes the freedom of the individual to express his or her beliefs, ideas and opinions without fear of retaliation, censorship or legal sanction by government.”

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is comprised of five separate freedoms: 1) freedom of religion, 2) freedom of speech, 3) freedom of the press, 4) the right of people to peacefully assemble, and 5) the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Together these freedoms comprise our freedom of speech.

The First Amendment addresses the freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. Our founding fathers were primarily Christian, but not all. They understood that in order to be a free people, the government must not take any action to either create a national religion or inhibit people from practicing the religion of their choice. The first settlers came from Europe to escape religious persecution and brought with them Judeo-Christian values that formed the basis of the founding of our nation. The founding fathers understood that other religions would arise and they must be afforded the same rights if we were to remain free.

The freedom of speech, especially political speech, was especially precious to our founders. They saw first hand how speech is suppressed in a tyrannical form of government and ensured that Americans would not be subjected to not being able communicate their beliefs and debate them in a public forum by affirming the freedom of speech in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Republicans believe that a free and honest press is imperative to maintaining an informed citizenry. Although Republicans realize that not all of the press is honest, they nonetheless have a right to publish their opinion without censorship or influence by the government.

A principal action of a dictatorship is prohibiting the ability of the people to assemble peacefully to express their views and opinions. Our Constitution affirms the right of the people to PEACEFULLY assemble regardless of the purpose. Republicans believe that the ability to gather together to express opinions and views is a gauge of the people’s participation in their government. Republicans do not approve of civil disobedience as a form of assembly, but rather believe in obeying the law.

All citizens have a right to petition their government to rectify issues. That does not mean that every time a citizen petitions the government that they will get their way, but they do have a right to be heard. Republicans believe in the legal system that is in place to maintain the right and ability for citizens to petition the government.

This concludes the explanation and analysis of the Wyoming Republican Party Platform. Next week will begin the analysis of the two parties in Wyoming that crop up from time to time, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. The real question is not whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. It’s whether our country will stand or fall. We are at a critical crossroads. Decisions have to be made and our courage as Americans has to burn bright if the flames of liberty are to remain alive. So speak out and let your voice be heard. Let’s take our country back. The world needs us to stand strong. The world needs more cowboys.


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