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Dutch Hop Polka comes to Pine

"Polka, Polka, Polka, Twin Lakes Polka, Yamahoozie Polka, a.k.a. Kiss Me Polka, Polka Twist?" as quoted by the late great Polka King of the Midwest Gus Polinski (a.k.a. John Candy-Home Alone) No! It's the Dutch Hop Polka, a Regional Folk Music & Dance Tradition.

Energy and live music is what you feel and hear as you walk into the Polka Dance at the Historic Pine Bluffs High School on April 24. Nancy and her son Larry Conger, put the Polka Dance together with the help of the Pine Bluffs Heritage Society as the sponsor.

Nancy Conger and her late husband Larry went to a Polka Dance in their young...


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