Hornets Athletic Awards


The Pine Bluffs Athletic awards was put on by the Pine Bluffs Booster Club on May 27th. There was cupcakes, cookies, and drinks served to the everyone that gathered at the community center.

Will Gray, Pine Bluffs Hornets athletic director opened the awards ceremony.

Each coach told of their experiences of the season, the up's and down's of the sports. He spoke of encouragement for next year. Coach Dustin Lee told a story like Carson Rabou having so many accidents.

The players who qualified for lettering were awarded their letter and pin. As in each sport, there are outstanding awards to be given to the hard working players. Each player put their heart to play their best and to learn skills to improve their game. The coaches work hard to teach the skills of the sport. These skills are physical, leadership, discipline and respect of the sport and teammates. This night was for the players, coaches and parents to take pride of the wonderful students they are. The laughter, smiles, and glowing pride from everyone present at this awards ceremony.

"It was a great end of the season for our school sports." said Will Gray.


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