Albin Town Council


Albin town council had their meeting on June 17.

There was a budget meeting hearing first before the regular meeting making sure about the adjustment for the next year. Mayor Kelly Krakow called the meeting to order. Approval of previous minutes was first for the night. Next is bid opening of the streets and curbs that need to be in throughout the town. It was discussed and approved since there was one bid.A guest was welcomed to the meeting. The old business was reviewing the lunch program report and mayor updates. The lunch program is trying to increase the meals being brought. Still varies on the day and the kind of meal. Mayor updates were generator concerns, strip and buffing floors, breakdown on insurance of the two towers or one, how the sewer was doing and fuel contract. All were discussed but the fuel was only voted and approved on.

New business for the sixth penny resolution when it comes.The Wyoming Association of Municipalities voting delegate from the town will be Kelly Krakow.

The town of Ablin is working on a website to inform more people about what is going on in town and the events. They determined from a few sites how to set one up so it would be easy to maintain.

The ambulance board had two members there to voice their concerns. There was a lot of discussion. The ambulance members would like to set up a table at Albin days for people to sign up for EMT training and being a driver on the ambulance crew. The council would like to encourage that for the community.

The LaGrange Bible College person would like use the community center. He could possibly pickup the kids. The vote was no.

Parking lot bids of ground concrete. They will check on the prices and the size.

Maintenance report:State inspection of the sewer. The leaking in the area has been worked on. Figure out how to mow the new trail court area.

The budget-third and final reading was approved. Meeting was adjourned.


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