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Summer - a vacation from sports


Summer vacation is in full swing and sports is kind of on the back burner. High school sports anyway. As our young athletes enjoy the fun of swimming, running, hiking and all the other summer activities school is probably not even on their mind. So lets look at what they have been doing over the last year.

We had athletes on the grid iron. Some looked like they were practicing yoga on mats, some played in courts and on diamonds. A few ran up and down the court. A few hit the court. Some ran around a diamond. Others threw a pigskin to other members and tried to miss the opposite team. The bean was thrown from pitcher to catcher and tried to be hit by another player. Others played football with their hands while others played soccer with their foot and a ball. Goals were scored by several sports while another had runs or maybe a spike or dig. And lets not forget the 3-pointer. There are hoops, keys and only half courts. There are TD markers, bases, mounds, infields and outfields. There are more fields than a farmer has.

The language of sports can be as confusing as the English language and as complicated. Tell a baseball player that he scored a goal and he will look at you with questioning eyes. Tell a football player that he just scored a run and he might throw a pigskin at you. Tell the volleyball player that they just hit a home run and they will probably just laugh.

Yes, the language of sports can be complicated. But it is a great pleasure to watch and enjoy the games as they are played by our young athletes. Learn the language, engage with your athletes and get the most out of the games that they play both at the game and at home.


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