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Diseased trees Removed from cemetery grounds


Karen Lipska/Pine Bluffs Post

Above: Town of Pine Bluffs crew removes trees from fence line at the cemetery.

The Town of Pine Bluffs removed the pine trees in the cemetery on July 7th. The trees have been a feature of the town for years. After the hail storm in 2016 the town has been removing damaged trees throughout the area. The pine trees had the most issues.

Mayor Justin Fornstrom said "there were several trees that are aged out or have disease problems. Some of trees were at risk for falling down and not safe for the public." He knows people love the big trees, but after seeing what the storms had done, you begin to suspect the age and size at times. They are going to replace the pine trees with deciduous trees along the fence line. When asked, if the town is going to put pine trees back into the cemetery, Mayor Fornstrom stated, "we will look into a blue spruce type of tree being less susceptible to the disease problems. As for now unless we eradicate the pine beetle, pine trees are not in the future for the town of Pine Bluffs."

Pine trees last over a hundred years, but because the environment their aging is different. Pine beetles know to attack old or weakened trees. Fungal disease is just one of the diseases for pine trees. One of signs is discoloring and falling of pine needles. These are some facts about the pine tree.


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