There is Not a Supply Chain Problem Part 1


“There is not a supply chain problem. The shelves are full.” Joe Biden, December 22, 2021.

“We have saved Christmas! The shelves are full.” Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, December 22, 2021.

Repeat after me. There is no supply chain shortage. There is no supply chain shortage. The shelve are all full. The shelves are all full. Now repeat it again. That seems to be the rhetoric coming out of D.C. and the Biden Administration these days. I guess they think that if they repeat it often enough we’ll believe it. We used to have a term for that…brainwashing. You know, the process used in Communist “reeducation camps” to convince people that the government is always right. It’s not working. The American people see through the lies and schemes of the Left. We know when the shelves are empty regardless of what the Left wants us to believe. Similar to watching the rioters in 2020 burning and looting stores while Leftist reporters tell us that the riots were mostly peaceful. I’ve never before heard of a peaceful riot. By definition riots aren’t peaceful. Just like routinely empty store shelves are symptoms of supply chain issues.

Our supply chain has been disrupted since January 20, 2021 when Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States, but we didn’t start to feel it until much later. Joe Biden immediately started signing executive orders that have threatened our economy and our way of life. One of the first EOs he signed was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Real smart move for a modern nation that runs on fossil fuels, including gasoline. Nearly everything we use has a link to petroleum. Plastics are good examples. They’re petroleum-based and a major component in either the product itself or the packaging. Without petroleum, manufacturing slows down, decreasing supply and the ability to package products is diminished. Either way, the supply chain is affected.

The cost of gasoline in the summer of 2020 was under two dollars per gallon at some stations in Cheyenne. On January 31, 2022, I saw one station at $3.47 in Cheyenne. That’s approximately a 75% increase, the worst since the Obama-Biden Administration. Biden killed our oil industry and now he’s looking for a way out by begging OPEC to increase their production to force lower prices, simple supply and demand. Once again he’s being laughed at by foreign leaders. Why should OPEC reduce their profits just because the Biden Administration disrupted our petroleum supply and shoved the costs onto the American people. It’s always someone else’s problem, not his.

As bad as that action was, it isn’t necessarily the worst thing Biden has done to disrupt the supply chain. But, in all fairness, he hasn’t acted alone to keep products from getting to consumers. Governors of the West Coast states and we (the consumers) also bear some blame. COVID restrictions on the west coast have kept ships in the harbors, unable to offload their cargoes for months. Los Angeles port officials stated in October 2021 that the backlog will continue until at least the summer of 2022. Some restrictions have prevented ships from docking and others have prevented longshoremen from even working. According to a White House press release, dated October 13, 2021, over 1,800 southern California port workers’ jobs were affected by COVID. Vaccine mandates are probably the worst of the restrictions that have kept our shelves bare. California, led by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, is the worst of the offenders and has the highest port capacity on the west coast. Shutdowns, social distancing, mask mandates and vaccine mandates have all played a role and have since been shown to have been unnecessary.

The economic impact of shutdowns were ignored by public health officials in their race to gain more power over the American people, power that can only come from left-leaning elected politicians. Manufacturing facilities closed, meat processing plants closed, restaurants, bars, gyms closed and our supply chain issues only compounded as the dominoes fell. When thousands of workers are laid off with none remaining to do the work production comes to a halt. We didn’t feel it right away because we had a backstock. Some of the problems will be felt for years. Ranchers didn’t shut down but without processing facilities they had no place to sell their animals. Thousands upon thousands of animals were destroyed for lack of processing capability. Ranchers can’t afford to feed animals that can’t be sold. That thins the herds and it will take years to build them up again. The meat supply is reduced and the price goes up. In September 2021, Kroger (one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains) announced that beef prices were up 14% and pork was up 12%. I noticed the increase in the cost of turkeys at Thanksgiving. The turkey we were going to purchase was nearly double the cost we paid in 2020. Needless to say, we didn’t buy it. The next plan was a turkey roll but there weren’t any to be found in the stores.

Meat processing wasn’t the only industry affected. Nearly every industry in our country has been impacted by the workforce being placed on mandatory furlough or by ships being anchored offshored, prohibited from unloading. Just look at the empty car lots. Kubota tractors in Cheyenne has always been full of tractors but they’ve been empty for months. Kubota of Cheyenne is a regional distributor and they can’t get tractors because the computer chips are on a ship offshore.

Interference with the supply chain is wreaking havoc on our economy and harming Americans at every turn. It’s time for us all to wake up and bring manufacturing back to America. End the nonsensical policies that have disrupted our supply chain and fueled the inflation we’re seeing now. It’s all artificial and it’s up to us to take a stand for America. Buy American first and let’s keep this from happening again.


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