An Ounce of Prevention


March 31, 2022

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Although my mother said that for medical problems, it’s an old adage that can be applied to many situations. If we can keep from getting into a bad situation that’s our “ounce of prevention”. Getting out of a bad situation, the “pound of cure”, isn’t so easy. In fact, it could be a horrible nightmare and easier said than done. The last year has seen our economy sink, Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, fuel prices skyrocket, inflation soar to the highest level in more than 40 years, our country invaded by illegal aliens, empty store shelves, crime increasing at an alarming rate, high unemployment, a deluge of COVID misinformation and a government trying to control every aspect of our lives.

The time for prevention, at least past prevention, is long gone. If the government had provided accurate information people would have known how to prevent COVID. It’s fairly easy and the preventive measures are now starting to circulate. I’m not a physician but the Centers for Disinformation and Confusion (CDC) has finally admitted that a healthy body and specific vitamin supplements can help prevent the disease. Too bad they didn’t say that two years ago. But when a disease is being used for political purposes the truth is irrelevant to those in power. I was at the VA hospital this past week and they still have a mask mandate in effect, even though Biden has dropped all federal mask requirements. I was told that I was in a hospital and they have to protect their patients and staff. I guess they didn’t get the memo that the CDC finally admitted what most thinking people have known all along, masks are ineffective against viruses. That information, by the way, is from their own studies over the past few decades and recent (over 400 studies) compared to 20 studies since COVID started that said they were effective. The pain and frustration the country has gone through could have been prevented.

The COVID pandemic was the perfect cover for elected officials and those in our society who are doing their best to destroy the United States. A lot of damage has been done in the name of public health and public safety. The economy was locked down throughout the country to keep people safe. At least that was the story. The only state that never locked down but kept doing business as usual was South Dakota. Their COVID statistics stayed on par with other states and their economy grew. Their governor, Kristi Noehm, didn’t let the federal government take over her state and they prospered. Here, in Wyoming, we didn’t do as well but Governor Gordon did finally see how people were reacting to the lockdowns and ended them. We’re still recovering, though. In hindsight, always 20/20, we could have prevented all of these problems.

Whenever we get an explanation it’s always somebody or something else’s fault. The riots, excuse me, peaceful protests, in 2020 were never the government’s fault or the fault of the rioters. People were frustrated with COVID and with “white privilege”, whatever that means. The fault for soaring fuel prices and our rising inflation is being blamed on Russian President Putin and his attack on Ukraine. No mention that prices and inflation were spiraling out of control before the attack. Let’s start putting the blame where it belongs, on the Leftists, at all levels, both inside and outside of government. This could have been prevented.

Now that we’ve failed to prevent the problems we’re facing we’re going to have to cure them first. That’s going to be hard and it won’t happen overnight. I hope it happens this year, though. Harder yet is that we all need to be involved in our government, at all levels, from school board to Congress. We need to let our elected officials know that we want to return to what our country was intended to be. We want our freedom back. This is the cure. Talk to people and get active in campaigns. Research the candidates, choose who you want, and get active in their campaign. You may just select one but go all-in. Do whatever you can to get that person elected. You may put up signs, go door-to-door, stuff envelopes, or other tasks. Just get involved and don’t sit back. Talk to people you know in other states, too. Our country can’t afford apathy anymore.

At the same time start attending meetings of our elected officials. If you can be there in person that’s definitely best. Easier for town council and school board meetings but unfortunately it isn’t always realistic for others. Attending by live stream is next. The Laramie County Commissioners live stream all of their meetings and archive them so you can view them later. The meetings are mostly boring but with the recording you can fast forward through the boring parts. The point is that you can know what they’re doing and hold them accountable. Our legislature works the same as the Commissioners but many of their committee meetings are also archived.

Curing the disease, an overreaching government, must happen before we can put measures in place to prevent the next “infection” of the Leftists. We start by voting out the Leftists throughout the country, from local office to national office. That’s where you need to be doing your research. If we can pull a two thirds majority in both Houses of Congress, there’s a chance of removing Biden and his entire administration, before the next presidential election, through dual impeachment and conviction. Locally and statewide we have some bad actors as well. There are a lot of Leftists inside the Republican Party just as there are in the Democrat Party. They need to go and be replaced with courageous people who believe in America and are willing to be held accountable. Above all, vote, then stand firm for America.


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