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Burns Town Council passes new leases


New leases for businesses and more on the development. Burns Town council met on May 9th at 6:30 p.m.

Carrie Clark addressed the council about someone almost getting hit by some kid leaving the school. She was asking for sheriff's being on 3rd street after school. Laramie County Deputy Sheriff Gaskin stated, "They are sending Deputies out to the area but remember they may end at a call.”

The Pine Bluffs Post encouraged the town of Burns to put information in the High Plains Adventure magazine to have the tourists know where and what is going on.

Two leases were looked at by the council. The First lease was Nicole Riley. She is putting a salon is the town hall. She would like the town look at the ventilation. Riley would do the rest. She would like to be working on the salon by May 15 and be open by June 1st. The council approved of the lease. She will be signing this week. The second lease was the Rodeo Diner. The Council received a letter from Jodie Saukerson about the rent issue, it should be the normal amount. She was not renewing her lease as for May 31st. Depending on Joe Nicholson if she needs to move the equipment. Nicholson stated he was buying the business with the equipment. He would like a lease for June 1st to continue the business because Burns Day is coming up. The council stated because of the letter they could issue a lease for June 1st.

Mandy Ludtke from Small Town Consulting would like to put signage on the windows, the council approved.

Bill Porter was back for approval of the plat map of Cripple Creek. A representative from WJP investment explained the new adjustments on the plat map. Council Member Judy Johnstone made variance of lots 2, lot 3, lot 12, and lot 13. Then they will have the right square ft in all. The council requested that they would label the detention pond on lot 15. With variances and the lot 15 label they approved.

Molly Dennis reported on the Burns Youth League. The new volleyball system is paid for except the shipping which is $387. She asked the council for being a member of Wyoming Recreation. It would cost $50. The council said, "Yes.” Next Dennis is setting up a volleyball camp for June 16th and a basketball camp for June 9th for ages 7-11. This would cost $10.00. Dennis is asking for a laptop to put the information on. The council ask for a quote. She will bring them to the next meeting.

Burns Lions Club Kayla Madler reported that Burns Day is coming. They are requesting a malt license for that day. Council Johnstone make a motion. The council approved. The town gazebo is getting worked on this next week.

The Maintenance report-There were issues with the boilers that are now fixed. There was a dead tree and one of the maintenance workers removed it. Town cleanup is going really well. Mayor Jim Clark thanks them for all their hard work.

The Utility board is excited about their solution of the freezing issues. The board is asking the town council for approval of the 2022 budget. The council approved.

For the mayor report, he asks to get the flowers planted. He will set it all up.

Council member Dennis Bastian reported the new trees are planted and the drip system is about in. He is working on the solar panels and LG drilling will be out at the cemetery. There was a motion made to pay by council member Johnstone and seconded by council member Rick Lakin.

Council member Jeff Appleman asked about the sixth-penny and getting the streets repaired. It needs a bond and soon. Interest rates are rising. There is a grant that can help. Council member Johnstone will write it up.

For old business the second reading of Ordinance 18A.46 Fiscal Year Budget. All approved.

The new business was the first reading of the Ordinance 16E.01d for the total square ft of the lot.

The town offices will be closed May 30th through June 3rd. The next Utility board meeting is June 13th at 6 p.m. The council meetings are May 23rd at 5:30 p.m. and June 13th at 6:30 p.m.


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