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They're Coming for Our Guns – Federal Red Flag Laws


“911 Dispatch. What’s your emergency?”

Caller taking excitedly, “It’s my neighbor. He’s yelling and waving a gun around. I think he’s going to hurt someone.”

911: “An officer is on the way.”

Officer arrives and knocks on the door. The neighbor answers and the officer can hear Little House on the Prairie playing on the TV.

Officer: “We’ve had a complaint about a commotion at this residence. Do you mind if we come in and take a look?”

Neighbor: “Come on in. We’re just watching TV.” Wife is on the sofa watching Little House on the Prairie.

Officer: “Do you own a gun?”

Neighbor: “Of course. Doesn’t everybody?”

Officer: “I need to remove all of your weapons from the house.”

Homeowner (getting agitated now): “What do you mean, take my guns? Why”

Officer: “Because we’ve received a complaint of someone here yelling and brandishing gun. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Neighbor: “Let me see the court order, please.”

Officer: “We don’t need one. The federal government passed Red Flag laws and all we need is a complaint. The courts aren’t involved anymore and we don’t need probable cause. Now turn over all of your guns and step aside or I’ll arrest you.”

That scene could realistically occur if the Liberals’ proposed Red Flag laws at the federal level pass. Red Flag laws get their name because a “red flag” would be all that’s needed to stop an incident. A “red flag” is any indication that a violent act (involving a gun) may occur. Anyone could call the authorities with information, true or not, and they would have to act. No verification needed and no requirement for the courts to be involved, completely disregarding the Second Amendment. The stated intent is to stop gun violence before it happens.

The latest outcry for gun control comes in the wake of the school shootings in Uvalde, Texas. While the shootings were a tragedy and my heart goes out to everyone affected, more gun control measures aren’t the answer. Murder has been in this world ever since Cain killed Abel and we’ll never stop it. The best we can hope for is to control the would-be perpetrators. They’re the real problem, not the tool. Remember the murderer in Waukesha, Wisconsin who ran the barricades and mowed down 20 people at the Christmas Parade last year? His weapon of choice was an SUV. But the liberals aren’t trying to ban SUVs, are they? How about people who are bludgeoned to death with baseball bats? Are they trying to ban baseball bats? No way. Then we couldn’t watch baseball. Or knives. No. The answer isn’t the tool. It’s the person. Guns are only a convenience. If a gun isn’t available, any person intent on inflicting harm, including murder, on another person or themselves will find a way.

Although mental health is the topic being thrown about lately, I’m not even sure that it’s the complete answer either. I do believe that some of these people are mentally ill but I’m also certain that at least some of them are a product of our society and probably the lackadaisical attitude toward crime. The willingness to control criminals seems to be diminishing further each year. Several of our own legislators are even trying to abolish the death penalty for capital offenses in Wyoming. Yet, even with the death penalty, society has shown an unwillingness the use it, granting multiple appeals over several years. Guilty or innocent, the chances of the death penalty being carried out is slim. For those that truly have a mental illness, the signs are often apparent but few people take the time to try to help. I’ve watched the after-action reports for mass shootings (and other mass murders) for several years and in every case there were advance signs of violence, including open declarations of what the shooters were planning. Some were even reported to authorities but no action was taken. In Uvalde, a school employee opened the back door and propped it open. The school was no longer secure and the shooter entered a few minutes later.

So what is the answer? I really don’t know but it isn’t Red Flag laws. The gun is nothing but a tool. It cannot aim itself, nor can it pull its own trigger. It requires an outside entity to do that. In the cases in question, a criminal. Red Flag laws open the door to frivolous complaints from people for nearly any reason imaginable, even to a simple grievance, as could be the case in the opening dialogue. No legitimate reason only that someone has a grudge. That’s why we have a court system and the requirement for probable cause before infringing on anyone’s rights. Biden’s Red Flag laws would bypass the Constitution and allow frivolous complaints, including grudges and hard feelings, to create havoc in innocent people’s lives with no proof needed to confiscate guns. It would also permit the federal government to create a registry of guns for potential mass confiscation in the future. Such a registry has already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

In short, Red Flag laws are unconstitutional and nothing more than another effort by the Left to bypass the Second Amendment and take our guns. Biden has falsely stated on several occasions that “no amendment is absolute” and that the United States has the highest rate of gun murders in the world. Neither are true. The second amendment is obvious and America ranks 26th in the world for gun-related homicides according to the United Nations Office on Guns and Crime. The Left has no friendship with the truth. I encourage you to contact your legislators, state and federal, and encourage them to resist Red Flag laws, whatever form they come in. New laws won’t solve the problem. Only a change of heart in people.


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