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Burns/Pine Bluffs Cross Country go to meet in Casper

PB/B XC Update August 26, 2022

AND we’re back!!! I am sure that you have missed my thesis style updates from the XC Team. This year they may increase in size due to the sheer volume of our roster. We have 52 harriers this year 6th grade-12th grade. It is so amazing.

Quick hitters (for my people who need the twitter version) JH are running machines. HS teams are missing a few harriers this week, but they helped each other along the course and we have good base times moving forward.

Top JH Girl: Tessa Bybee, Top JH Boy: Rutley Hansen, Top HS Girl: Merina Theobald

Top HS Boy: Brayden Sumare

Our J...


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