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Exceptional History for an Exceptional Nation

America was founded mostly by Christians seeking religious freedom. This was taught to every school child in the 60’s and 70’s. The message blurred in the 80’s. Now our youth are taught that America was founded by conquerors wanting to subdue the native people and take their land. Barak Hussein Obama is noted for saying there is nothing exceptional about the United States, then bowing down to other world leaders. Joe Biden often derides our country and does his best to drive our name into the mud. Nothing could be less true.

In the early years of this country miraculous events took place that set us apart from other countries. Just the fact that native Indian tribes supported the first settlers teaching them how to survive is a miracle unto itself. Throughout history newcomers were considered a threat and killed. Then came our Revolutionary War. Consider an inexperienced army of shopkeepers, tradesmen and farmers going up against the most powerful army in the world at the time. Compare that to Ireland. England conquered Ireland and ruled with an iron fist for 800 years. The Irish were experienced fighters. Americans should never have won that war but we had divine intervention. The first example of God’s hand in making us an exceptional nation was Washington’s famous attack on the British mercenaries Christmas night, 1776. He had planned a surprise attack knowing that his army would disband at midnight on December 31. This was a last ditch effort, a Hail Mary, to save his army and the country. The night was exceptionally cold and the river was partially frozen. There was no cover, only surprise against impossible odds. At the last minute before the Americans crossed the river a sudden raging snow and hail storm sprung up and reduced visibility to zero and driving the Hessians indoors to escape the weather. The battle only lasted 45 minutes with 20 Hessians killed, 100 wounded and 1000 captured. Not one American was killed in battle and only three were wounded.

In the same battle, as the Americans marched through Trenton, Dr. John Riker was awakened by barking dogs. When he saw the Americans he joined in, believing he may be able to help the wounded. James Monroe was shot in the chest with the ball severing an artery. Dr. Riker saved the life of our future fifth President.

Our Constitution, ratified in 1778, was the first Constitutional Republic ever in the history of the world. This document makes us exceptional, being drafted and ratified with much prayer by everyone involved. Prayer to the Christian God, Jehovah.

The English didn’t acknowledge that God had lifted up this nation and continued to target Americans until Congress declared war in 1812. In August 1814, the English entered Washington D.C. finding it almost completely undefended. They entered the Executive Mansion (White House) intending to demoralize the Americans by demolishing the seat of government. President Madison and his family left so fast that their meal was left on the table. After eating the President’s food the British soldiers lit the building on fire. Without warning a rainstorm sprang up and put out the fire with no irreparable fire damage but extensive smoke damage. The smoke damage was painted over with white paint causing the building to be renamed the White House. At the same time the British were advancing on land and sea intending to rout and destroy the Americans. A sudden hurricane appeared and devastated the British Navy, making it impossible for them to attack by sea. The storm spawned a tornado that smashed through the British Army, killing more men than they’d lost in battle, even lifting up cannons and throwing them through the British ranks.

A month later, at Plattsburgh, the world’s most experienced military of 14,000 fought the world’s most inexperienced army and navy of 5,000. In two and a half hours the inexperienced Americans won the battle. In 1815 the British threw 8,000 battle-hardened veterans against a ragtag American army of only 4,500 in a surprise attack at New Orleans. In only 30 minutes the British suffered over 2,000 losses while the Americans lost only 100 men. This famous battle ended the war and showed the world that God had blessed the United States of America.

These are but a few of the miracles this country has been blessed with. You’ll never convince me that we aren’t an exceptional country, regardless of what the Left says. Our national motto “In God We Trust” is a testament to the knowledge that our country, our freedom and our liberty are gifts from God. Our founders understood that when they wrote the Declaration of Independence asserting that “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…”. They were speaking of God, Jehovah, not “…you know, you know, the thing” Joe Biden, March 2, 2020. In our Pledge of Allegiance we declare that we are “one nation under God“.

Miracles always come out of tough times, utter desperation, often when we feel like giving up. Rush Limbaugh was fond of saying, “It’ll never be time to give up”. Now is not the time to quit. Christmas is one of the two most joyous seasons of the year. I encourage you to look back at your blessings, starting from Christmas 1776, and resolve never to lose them. Regardless of your station in life or current circumstances we live in the freest nation on earth and we’re all better off than most of the world. Stiffen your back as you praise God for what you have. Praise Him for being here and not some place like Iran or Russia. Resolve to do everything in your power to keep this country free and safe from tyranny. Above all, praise Him for his Son, Jesus, who has given you every opportunity available to man. From my house to yours, Merry Christmas.


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