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1-3 record for Lady Broncs at Winter Classic Tourney

The Lady Broncs varsity basketball team started the 2022-23 season hosting the Burns Insurance Winter Classic round robin tournament. The Lady Broncs would face teams from Torrington, Wheatland, Hot Springs (Thermopolis) and Southeast. The Lady Broncs would come away with a 1-3 record and a large amount of training and practice. It was a good time and learning experience for all.

First up for the Lady Broncs would be the Torrington Lady Trailblazers. This would be a close game as neither side was able to control the other. The Game would not be determined until the end as both teams gave it their all. Unfortunately, the Broncs were not able to pull it out in the end and lost by three points. It was a close game and the girls played hard from tip off to buzzer. Savannah Kirkbride and Daljit Kaur led the way in scoring with 13 points each. Kirkbride went five of nine from the floor while Kaur went five of 13. Neither one was able to hit a three but each sunk three free throws. Kirkbride was able to snag six rebounds and one steal. Kaur pulled down eight rebounds, had one assist and blocked two shots. Saria Eklund contributed five points to the score. Eklund was the only Bronc to hit a three pointer in the game for the Broncs and had one field goal. She also had three rebounds and two steals. Brooke Hansen added four more points to the score. She hit free throws and a field goal. She brought down three rebounds and had one assist. Jordan Griess added three points hitting three free throws. She also had two rebounds, three steals and was able to block one shot. Maianna Siebert rounded out the scoring by hitting a shot inside the arch. She also had five rebounds and two steals. It was a solid performance by the Broncs for the first game of the season. The defense was unable to contain the Trailblazers though and they lost 40-43.

The second contest for the Lady Broncs would be against the Wheatland Lady Bulldogs. This would be another loss but a solid performance by the Broncs. In the first quarter Kirkbride was a threat to the Bulldogs offense as she kept stealing the ball. In the second quarter the Broncs were stealing the ball almost at will as they stole it three time in the quarter. Brooke Hansen hit her three points in the second quarter and Daljit Kaur was able to block a Bulldog shot. The third quarter saw Maianna Siebert steal the ball again and in the fourth Jordan Griess hit a three. From a team stand point they did well. They scored 38 points, made 15 field goals, hit two of 12 three-pointers and made six of 13 free throws. They also pulled down 26 total rebounds, had nine steals and blocked one shot. Point leader for the game was Daljit Kaur with 12, Hansen had seven, Josie Barrett had six, Siebert and Kirkbride each had five and Griess had three. Even with all the good stats the Lady Broncs lost the challenge to the Bulldogs by a score of 38-48.

The third game for the Lady Broncs would be the Hot Springs Lady Bobcats. The Broncs were ready to put a mark in the win column and the Bobcats looked like the team to start with. In the first quarter Jordan stole the ball three times. She also dropped a three from the left side of the court. Hansen also stole the ball in the first as did Eklund. It was a solid performance in the first quarter. However it was not all Broncs as the Bobcats stayed within striking distance of the Broncs. In the second quarter Griess and Kaur made their presence known blocking a shot each while Siebert stole the ball. The second half of the game was close as the Bobcats wanted to stay up with the Broncs. But the Broncs defense kept them down just enough to take the win. The Broncs won the game 38-35. Jordan Griess led the charge in this game with 16 points. She had the only three-pointer in the game for the Broncs. She went five of 11 from the floor and went five of eight from the free throw line. Griess also had six rebounds, seven steals and blocked one shot. Kaur added 14 more points to their score. She hit five of seven from the floor and nailed four of eight from the line. She also had 10 rebounds, two assists, one steal and one blocked shot. Siebert and Kirkbride each added the last eight points with each hitting four. Siebert brought down three rebounds, had two assists and one steal. Kirkbride had five rebounds, three assists and blocked one shot. It was close but the Lady Broncs had a mark in the win column.

The fourth and final game would be against the Southeast Lady Cyclones. This would be another close game between these two teams. Both teams wanted to end the tournament on a high note. The Lady Broncs fought hard and long but in the end they just couldn't contain the strong offense of the Lady Cyclones. The Lady Broncs lost the contest. The first quarter was pretty close as both teams were trying to find the cracks. The second saw Griess hit a three along with Eklund. The second half the Broncs were strong on defense. Kaur stole the ball three times in the third quarter while Hansen and Eklund were dropping shots outside the arch. The fourth quarter had Griess stealing the ball and Siebert hitting her three. It was a good game but the Lady Broncs lost by a score of 33-44.

It was a good team effort. All the team members were close in points that they scored. Kaur led the team with eight points. Griess had seven Eklund had six, Hansen had five, Kirkbride had four and Siebert had three. All together the team had 20 rebounds, 12 assists and three steals with Kaur stealing the ball twice and Griess once. Eklund had two three pointers while Griess, Hansen and Siebert each had one. The team shot five of 19 in the three-point range and went eight for 22 from the field.

Good luck in the 2022-23 season.


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