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Burns Baylen Smith signs with Waldorf

Baylen Smith, senior at Burns High School has signed with Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa. His soon to be new wrestling coach Ryan Dickinson drove all the way to Burns, Wyoming to have him sign with the university.

Dickinson said, "Smith got my attention with his free styling record ability. At Waldorf University we are big in the freestyle and greco style in the state of Iowa. So guys that have that experience and little bit of success draw my attention. Smith will probably be in the 125 weight division. This year we have a bigger recruiting class. I encourage students to reach out to college coaches. Do not be afraid to go somewhere other than your state. You never know what kind of friends and opportunities are out there."

Smith said, "I was not looking to wrestle in college. I was looking to play baseball and then Coach Dickinson called me. I went to visit the college and it felt like home which was a main decider for being there. It just felt like small town. It was like I was meant to be there." Smith will major in exercise science with becoming a physical therapist in the future. His advice for other students, "Work hard and follow your dreams. Some tough times are going to come through. You just have to work through it and trust your heart. Follow God. That is all you gotta do."

Smith is just starting his senior year in wrestling. He is looking forward to enjoying a great season.


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