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By Charlene Smith
Pine Bluffs Post staff 

Simplicity has value: A review of 'Keep It Simple'



Author Steve Bahmer and Ron Rabou want to help you "Keep It Simple." Their book is on sale now in time for simplifying the holidays at City News in Cheyenne.

What if I told you the core values to finding a better more meaningful life was in 130 pages of a quick read book? What if I told you the values would probably fall in-line with your beliefs and that they came from two local men?

You might want to pick up a copy to see how simple meaningful could be?

Steve Bahmer and Ron Rabou have done just that. The book came after years of spending time together, realizing what was important to them and others by talking to groups on how to be "more effective," and "better team players," and remembering that all this can be accomplished by simplifying.

Bahmer and Rabou get "back to their roots and simplified" by rethinking the basics in "Keep It Simple," their recently released book.

Part of the reason the two wrote "Keep It Simple," was to "put perspective in what they were doing." They admit to dabbling in politics, even being asked to run for high offices, having successful careers, and being asked to sit on many different committees and boards. All this made them feel good about themselves, but at the same time made them drift farther away from where they wanted to be.

Bahmer and Rabou had to ask themselves the hard questions; whether those things were really what they wanted or was just "feeding the ego."

Rabou was quick to note, "Things are not always as they seem."

"People may look fine on the outside, but inside is a mess," explained Rabou. "It's human nature to forget and pursue awards and things that don't match our principals. When you get to the end can you ask yourself 'did I have a positive effect on other people,' and say that you were exactly where you wanted to be?"

The simple core values in the book such as patience, commit, create and persevere, are repeated throughout their seminars, a weekly radio show and anywhere else they get an opportunity to share. Rabou said numerous times, someone in the audience will come up to him afterward and have the appearance of "having it all together," only to have them say, "Boy, I needed to hear that."

At the end of the book, the authors mention that it was the "first verse." Bahmer and Rabou both admit they are not sure what will come next, but know something will. And for now, they are content now, with getting their message out to as many people as they can.

Their website,, has a selection of products to promote the simple core values they promote in their book. T-shirts with the words, "Think before you act," or "Be Honest," "Be Nice," as well as "Pull up your pants."

Beyond t-shirts, the pair also offer a weekly dose of the basics on 650 AM KGAB Saturday mornings at 7 a.m.

If you decide you would like to invest a little time in some simple core values, "Keep It Simple" is on sale at City News in Cheyenne, at Amazon, or at their website.

Reporter note: "Keep it Simple" has something for everyone. And once drawn in, your way of thinking may be changed by its simple messages.

After reading the book and interviewing the authors, I was talking my children about the book, what it said and how simple it seemed to make solutions for life's problems. My ten-year-old asked if he could read it. I am not sure if that is a sign how tied up our society is because a ten-year-old needs help with solutions, or a sign my children are just interested in what I do, or maybe a sign that this particular ten-year-old has had some major problems thrown at him.

When I spoke with Steve and Ron, they said they speak to a "broad audience," and a very diverse set of people.

That seems to be the simple truth.


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