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By Jimmie Earls
Pine Bluffs Post Editor 

Area car burglaries on the rise


Jimmie Earls/Pine Bluffs Post

The Laramie County Sheriffs Department says residents should keep valuables like cell phones, purses, computers and tools out of sight in unattended vehicles as a series of car burglaries have taken place over the past few weeks. Authorities say break-ins have taken place in the Burns and Carpenter areas and residents should report any suspicious vehicles to the sheriffs office.

The Laramie County Sheriffs Department is urging area residents to keep their vehicles secure and not to keep valuables visible through windows after a series of car burglaries in Burns and the surrounding area.

"Just to let you know, and I'm sure the town is aware of this, there have been some car burglaries in the past few days," said Deputy Emily Stojak to Burns Town Council on March 14. "One of the vehicles was unlocked and another one was locked. I'm not sure how they got in, I did not take the report, Sergeant McPherson actually took the report. I would just advise everybody to lock up their homes, their vehicles and obviously do not keep valuables in view."

"Are these right in Burns or are they in the surrounding community?" asked council member Harvey Humphrey.

Stojak replied, "To my knowledge, they were on Main Street. One was on North Main and another one south. And I was also just notified by (Town Clerk) Toni (McNamar) that she had heard there was one in Carpenter also."

The sheriffs department does have a suspect vehicle in the crimes.

"A possible suspect vehicle is a red crewcab Dodge," Stojak added. "I have a feeling I may know who it is but I don't want to say because I'm not 100 percent sure. If anybody sees a suspicious vehicle that happens to be a red Dodge, or any suspicious vehicle, please call in to the sheriffs department."

Humphrey added, "At the last meeting, when we talked to Sergeant McPherson, he said he would start patrolling Second Street a little bit more and I think maybe if just the word got out to the public, we haven't had near the truck traffic on Second, and the traffic that has been on Second has slowed down, so maybe just the word of mouth did a lot, or maybe he did put more deputies out there, but it has sure improved in a very short time."

In other town business, the council was informed by the owner of the Old School Cafe that the restaurant would be closing on March 31.

"She is using a lot more space over there than she originally rented and I informed her that the rent had to go up," said Mayor Ralph Bartels. "She says, 'Unfortunately the money generated from the cafe no longer covers all of the expenses and the increase of rent due to the added space used. So it is with a heavy heart that we will not renew our lease in April. Our last day of occupancy will be March 30, 2016.'

Bartels did not have the exact figure for the current rent on-hand at the meeting but said it is between $500-$600 per month. The new monthly rent would go up to $950 to accommodate the added space used by the restaurant.

Ambulance director Brain Eveleth told council he is working on getting better participation from the ambulance service.

"I found out the National Association of EMT's has a agency membership," Eveleth said. "It's $400 for the agency and that includes 10 individual memberships. My plan would be to give any individual member that makes 50 percent of the trainings and 10 percent of the calls or more as an incentive to respond to calls. That gives them savings on gear, a $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy, and a few other things. That gives them something back for them giving us their time to respond. We'll also get a discount on a new ambulance later."

The town council approved an $8,000 spending cap to have dead trees removed around town. Arbor Solutions LLC will cut the trees, remove the wood and grind the stumps.

"How many dead trees do we have?" asked council member Dennis Bastian.

"I went through the streets yesterday and I counted at least eight trees," replied council member Betty Nussbaum. "There were others I was iffy on because I don't know if they're in a year or not. It could be up to 10 to 12 trees at the very most."

"At $500 a tree, if we have 12 trees maybe, that's $6,000," added Bastian.

"I would like to see $8,000," Humphrey said.

Bastian replied, "I move that we allow up to $8,000 and the money comes out of parks and recreation. We've got to get these trees trimmed."

Council member Rocky Stoner seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.

Burns town offices will be closed March 25 for Good Friday.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. on April 11.


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