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By Jimmie Earls
Pine Bluffs Post Editor 

New chief and officers selected for LCFD3


Jimmie Earls/Pine Bluffs Post

On February 6, new officers were selected for Laramie County Fire District #2. Pictured from left to right are: Safety Officer Zane Willert, outgoing Chief and Station #2 Captain Ed Allen, Station #1 Captain Jillian McLaughlin, Chief Lee Peterson, Assistant Chief Jesse Morehead and Station #3 Captain Trevor Petsch.

New officers were selected Feb. 6 for Laramie County Fire District #3.

Lee Peterson takes over as chief for the outgoing Ed Allen, who served as chief for the past four years.

"I've been an EMT for 32 years, a firefighter for about 28 years and then I was chief for four years," said Allen. "It's time to let the younger guys take over."

"We're here to serve the community, none of us are paid," added Allen.

Although he is stepping down as chief, Allen will still be active in the department for the time being.

"I'll be captain for Station #2, our Whitecrest station, we're doing some construction out there and I need to get that done before I can completely retire," Allen said.

Ed said the fire districts can always use additional volunteers for EMTs and firefighters.

"We're short-handed at the moment and we have a class going on now, so that will help us out a bit."

While Allen served as chief, his assistant was Lee Peterson, who now takes over in that position.

Peterson joined the fire department in 2011.

"I was assistant chief under Ed for his four years and that prepared me for this, I learned the ropes through him," said Peterson.

A farmer by trade, Peterson says his devotion to the fire district takes up a lot of his time.

"It takes a lot of time," he added. "I dedicate a lot of time to the fire service here in Albin. I like helping others, saving lives and property here in Laramie County."

Peterson said he is looking forward to his time as chief.

"Each year, you have to be appointed by the fire board." Peterson said. "The fire board appointed me, so I work under them and I have a great board to work with."

If any local residents are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter or EMT, Allen and Peterson say you can contact any officer in the district for an application and details on the training process. You can also call the district at 246-3444.


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