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What is that saying, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, this lion of ours never seems to nap and in turn is very grumpy. Someone should throw him a lamb, maybe he would stop roaring for a bit.

Lions are one of the biggest cats out there. But the smaller, house and farm variety seem to take a bigger part of our heart. Bubba, our family cat, passed away last Monday evening. Most people only get about seven or eight decades. I just spent the last couple with Bubba. And I don’t even like cats.

Having sensed I was a dog person, he felt it was his duty to convert me by picking my lap on movie nights. He stayed away during White Sox, Bears and college basketball games, too much effort to keep still.

Over 14 years, he enhanced and often irritated my life without asking for much. He was just a cat. Bubba didn’t camp with us. He didn’t ride home to Grandma’s for holidays. Almost a dismissed member of our family.

Funny how the scratches on life, the presence of a cat that you thought you didn’t like, can mean so much.

Bubba had a stocking on the mantle, he endured dress up days with the girls, and was always at the door waiting for us to come home from our adventures.

But there was no Bubba waiting for the bus last Monday. My daughter called and said, “Bubba is breathing funny and won’t move.”

The naivety of a child is something I will always envy. “Should I give him some milk?” Food in our house has a magical ability to “fix” anything. But no food was going to fix the family cat. Not even the coconut cream pie I made for the impending wake later in the evening.

He passed away and left a dog pile of emotions larger than he ever required or endured when he was living. I tried to be as cat-like as Bubba would have wanted about the whole thing. But something paws at a mother when her three youngest are crouched around a dead cat in a puddle of tears and the oldest is sending crying emoji’s.

Turns out I am a dog person who loved a cat. He wouldn’t want tears or a eulogy. But that is what dog people do. They love out loud and show all emotions. And when they find a cat like Bubba, they are thankful for every “kneading,” hairball, cat scratch and dead mouse on doorstep. We just wanted to say “thanks” Bubba, for being the cat we never knew we wanted.

More loved than a family cat is loved ones celebrating birthdays. Mason Sorensen, grandson of Larry and Karen Sorensen and Lon and Janet Johnson, will celebrate his special day March 11. Howard Malm, council member and all around good guy, blows out his candles like a true lion March 17.

If it is a hot meal you want, stop by the community center Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This week’s menu is cheeseburgers with beans and chips (Thursday), cheesy potato soup bar (Friday), chili and cinnamon rolls (Monday), pulled pork sandwiches with chips and macaroni salad (Tuesday), chicken chimichanga with southwestern corn and refried beans (Wednesday), smoked sausage with buttered noodles and peas (Thursday) and Friday is spinach and cheese stuffed pasta shells with garlic bread. All meals include salad bar, drink and dessert.

If lunch doesn’t quiet your roar, maybe an extra hour of sunlight will do the trick. Remember to set your clocks ahead, spring forward, one hour Saturday night. No more waking up to the light of day for a while.

With more daylight, you can read more books. Remember to stop by the Laramie County Bookmobile. The Bookmobile offers home-bound services as well as two stops in Albin. Susan Parkins brings the joy of reading to our front doors. The next planned visit is March 16 at the Albin Elementary from 12:30 p.m. until 3 p.m. and across from the Albin Post Office 3 p.m. until 4 p.m. The next day for the bookmobile to be in Albin is April 13, same times and same locations. If you want to mark your calendar for the next few months, Susan will also be here April 27 and May 11. Everyone is welcome to stop by the bookmobile while it is at the school but keep in mind that it may be full of students at the time of their visit. books for all ages as well as some books on CD. Patrons can call Susan at 307-778-7228 and request something to be brought out on the next visit or there is also the option of placing a hold from our online catalog and choosing the bookmobile as the pickup location.

The town council meets tonight, Thursday, at 7 p.m. Make sure you attend to see what exciting things are happening. Elections are quickly approaching in May. We will be voting on the Mayor, two council seats and one candidate to complete an absent councilman’s term.

If politics don’t kick you out of your winter funk, maybe soccer will. Sign up your youngsters or volunteer to help the teams yourself. All the information about the upcoming season is at the community center.


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