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A story, no matter what it is about, is mostly about perception or how you spin it. Take for instance, a story about trees being cut down in Southeast Wyoming, where it is very difficult to grow trees. Before I go any further, you might think you already know the story. But what if I told you these trees tickled the clouds, shaded many a picnic and playful child. But tragedy struck before they were cut. A storm came in and damaged them beyond repair or regrowth. And it was learned that the trees had lived longer than expected. But the gaping hole that the roots left in the ground and the bright unshaded sunlight will soon be filled with blooming apple trees reaching 16 feet as soon as they are dropped. And the new trees will mirror the new building across the street. So the story continues under the shade of young trees in the Pine Bluffs City Park. There may never be as tall and majestic pine trees towering over the middle of the town again in our lifetime, but change isn’t always about getting things back to where they were. It is sometimes about getting things better than we had it.

Some stories are happy, no matter how you tell them. A good example is birthday stories. Ted Anderson celebrates the story of her life March 25. March 26 adds another chapter to Jeff Kirkbride’s book. Karen Sorensen has an awesome story to tell already and is always willing to sit and listen to your story. Help her celebrate March 28. Jakobi Mirich has her birthday March 29. And let’s not forget Tony Childers on March 30.

One special birthday is a story I got to be a part of. Derik Smith shares a birthday with Mrs. Anderson. He turns 14 this year. A year of driving. First year of high school. A year of voice changing, Adam’s apple appearance and shaving. But for all he will gain this year, I am thankful for the past 13 that got us here. No matter how rocky, and it got so rocky the words refused to spin to the happy side, the story of his life is a great read. It was even better live. Happy birthday, Derik.

Planning for summer reading time and the Easter basket are good chances to give the younger readers in your life a story to wrap their hands and heads around. Stop by the Book Fair at Albin Elementary School April 3-7 to stock up on many stories. Buy one and get one free for this special event. The parent group will be hosting a family night April 6. For more information, contact the school.

Stories can spread quickly if you don’t have all the information. Stay involved with our community and the state by voting on the Sixth Penny Ballots May 2. There will also be elections on that day for our council members and mayor. You can vote for those seats here in Albin, but you must go to a voting sight in Burns, Pine Bluffs or Cheyenne to vote for the Sixth Penny Initiatives. For more information on where you can vote and what is on the ballot, stop by the community center or call.

The town is still searching for a new maintenance worker. You must have a CDL. For more information or to pick up an application, contact the town hall.

Peter Cotton Tail is hopping towards us. The community center will host an Easter Egg Hunt and festivities Saturday, April 15. More details will be available.

There is a Gospel meeting series being held at the community center Wednesday evenings starting at 7:30 p.m. The series will wrap up March 29. The only person they talk about is Jesus and the only book they use is the bible. Stop by and join them. Everyone is welcome.

The Laramie County School District No. 2 is working on a proposed school boundaries map to develop some saving strategies in the coming years. As most of us know, the education budget has been significantly cut. Every district will need to evaluate ways to be more conservative. One way LCSD #2 is considering is transportation. If you have children in the school system, and use their transportation, it would benefit you to look over the map and what the committee has discussed. Make sure you contact your school board member and let them know how the changes will or will not affect you. And if you don’t like the changes, perhaps offer to sit on the committee and find other, less invasive ways to save money for the district.

The new chapter of Spring arrived earlier this week. Time to open the windows and adventure outdoors again to see what stories lie ahead for us.


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